4 Reasons your Skin Care Stopped Working

A skin care routine is essential to maintain healthy skin throughout. But, things get disappointing when we are using all the products and following the skin care steps; but we see no difference in our skin. 

That’s when we realize our skin care routine has stopped working. What to do then? It can be because we are using the same product for a long time, so our skin got used to it. Another issue could be linked with our hormones or some environmental factors affecting our skin care like humid weather. 

There are many reasons you could find online regarding what we are doing wrong. Still, suppose you are noticing some significant changes in your skin, like acne popping up or increased inflammation. In that case, it’s time to see a professional dermatologist for the best advice. 

Skin care products can clear your skin but cannot fix internal issues. For that, it’s always best to see a skin specialist to find the underlying cause and its solution. Let’s look at the four primary reasons why your skincare stopped working. 

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Your Skin is Accustomed to your Skin Care Routine

Your Skin is Accustomed to your Skin Care Routine

The products can stop showing results if your skin feels accustomed to the ingredients in your skincare routine. That’s why dermatologists recommend using your skincare routine religiously for a week to see if it’s working for you or not. Visually you may find your skin getting better, so you want the same results when using the products. For accurate results, you want to at least use the products for one-three months to see good results. Products might still work their magic, but your dermis has had time to get used to the ingredients; that’s why you may not see any further improvement. 

When you are using targeted products in your skincare routine, like for acne marks or fine lines, there is a need for complete skin turnover (at least 30 days) to get the results that your product claims. So, try changing your skin care products after a while or test out new ones to get the desired results. 

Your Hormones May be Acting Up

Any drastic lifestyle or unhealthy diet changes can offset your hormones and lead to unfavourable skin conditions. Professional advice is to keep changing your skin care products to fight any condition caused by hormonal changes like acne flaring up or dryness. It’s essential to keep up with your hormonal changes and be ready to combat any visible signs on your skin. 

Even not having enough sleep, being on your periods, and pregnancy can play significant role on your skin. Your body is going through many changes, especially during pregnancy, so the best thing is to use the right skincare products according to your skin type to fight any changes on your skin. 

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Weather is Throwing you Off your Skin Care Game

The climatic conditions and skin conditions go hand in hand. During winters, humidity levels are low, which can cause dryness on your skin. Harsh summers with extreme heat can lead to increased sweat and sebum, initially leading to acne due to clogged pores. Heavier hydrators and creams are best used in winters as they are heavier on the skin, preventing dryness. You must look for humility when using the best skin care products and choosing the correct formulations. 

If the weather is too hot and humid, go for skin care products that are lightweight and hydrating. The hydration will keep your skin from being dry, and light products don’t feel too heavy on the skin. 

You are not Layering your Skin Care Products Right 

You are not Layering your Skin Care Products Right 

Using skin care products is one thing but using them correctly is another. Applying the products in a specific order is essential when creating your skincare routine. It is advised to start layering your products from thinnest consistency to thickest. The layering allows serum and lightweight formulas to be absorbed through the skin without struggling to go through more viscous formulations. It will help if you let a few mins in between layering so that each product is absorbed through the skin perfectly. Also, make sure you use the correct formulations of the skin care routine to be layered together so that one product does not react with the other. Consult your dermatologist if there is any confusion between the products. 

A skincare routine is essential, and using the right products is more important. Certain factors are necessary to look out for when you think your skin care routine is not working correctly. Ensure your skin is not used to the ingredients, hormones are balanced, the weather is not throwing you off, and you are layering the products correctly.

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