Aquaphor vs Eucerin: Which is More Effective?

Aquaphor or Eucerin are best known for soothing dehydrated skin, repairing chapped skin or lips, restoring cracked hands and feet, minor cuts and sunburn skin damage, and other skin irritations. But, which is better, Aquaphor or Eucerin?

What is Aquaphor?

What is Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is also known as petroleum jelly. It can be used for dry skin and repair wounds. Aquaphor is made with 41% petroleum jelly. That ingredient may be familiar with Vaseline, which is 99% petroleum jelly. It isn’t as greasy as Vaseline, but it is still thick and smooth compared to most lotions. This is important as it creates a barrier to keep moisture in.

What is Eucerin?

What is Eucerin?

Eucerin is available as a creme or lotion. In either form, Eucerin is less greasy than Aquaphor. This makes it more comfortable to put on sensitive areas such as the hands, neck, and face. The creme version of Eucerin, while still a bit greasy, will generally have more “healing power” than the lotion form.

Ingredients in Aquaphor

There are certain ingredients present in Aquaphor which differ from Eucerin. Aquaphor is a multi-purpose lotion or an ointment to be used for healing skin or can be used for dry skin as a moisturizer

  • Mineral oil: A layer of oil formed on the surface of the skin when applying Aquaphor which prevents your skin from drying out. It is best suitable for sensitive skin and keeps your skin moisturized for a long. 
  • Glycerin: It is also an effective moisturizing agent in Aquaphor. It makes sure your skin stays hydrated for a long time.
  • Panthenol: It’s an anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps in healing your skin. Panthenol is mostly used as a cure for minor cuts or burns. 

Ingredients in Eucerin

Eucerin is an advanced repairing cream to heal minor cuts or burns. It contains a particular set of ingredients that makes it unique from Aquaphor. 

  • Glycerin: It is an ingredient that keeps your skin moisturized for longer. 
  • Urea: Urea is a natural moisturizing ingredient that helps your skin stay hydrated and retain moisturizer.
  • Shea butter: The Eucerin also contains shea butter that improves skin elasticity and dryness. 

Aquaphor Vs. Eucerin, which is better?

Both Eucerin and Aquaphor are excellent products to treat dry, irritated skin. The Aquaphor or Eucerin product that works best for your skin condition and skin concerns will be the better choice for you.

Aquaphor is used as a healing ointment that is best used to dry skin, cracked lips, hands, and feet. It also contains ingredients to soothe irritated skin. 

Eucerin Advanced Repair is a rich cream that isn’t greasy like Aquaphor, making it an ideal all-over body moisturizer for dry to dehydrated skin.


Both are great products to be used for different purposes. It depends on how it suits an individual and the after-effects of it. 

The main difference between the two is the ingredients as Eucerin contains urea which helps to keep you moisturized, while Aquaphor contains petroleum jelly. Another difference is that Eucerin is suitable for treating moderate skin conditions, while Aquaphor is best-suited for problematic skin issues. Eucerin is best at dealing with problems like dry skin and not severe unsuitable skin conditions. Aquaphor can help in healing some cuts on your skin and some states.

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