10 Best Color Changing Nail Polish | Buying Guide 2022

Are you bored of those old-school nail paints? Well, recent research shows how Color Changing Nail Polish is the trend of the hour. Where on one hand, some prefer soft and subtle colors, some others prefer bolder shades. Just like your hair and makeup, your nails need to be occasion-perfect too. Imagine switching over to a different shade right in a go. Yes, you read that right. That’s precisely the role of a color changing polish. Isn’t that great?

Color Changing Nail Polish

With different formulas available in the market, it becomes a challenging task to pick one that rightly suits your nails. In the last few decades, the changes in the nail paint industry have been drastic. The color changing variant is one of its outcomes that you just can’t turn your head away from. This blog post aims to help our readers adjudge the right type of nail paint to fit their requirements best.

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10 Best Color Changing Nail Polish | Buying Guide 2022

It is a general human instinct to be looking out for something new and innovative. We all tend to get tired of anything once it starts showing repetitive patterns. The same goes out for your regular nail-paints, the simple single color strokes and nothing seems fascinating about the same, anymore. In this scenario, Color Changing Nail Polish comes as a rescue. Such nail paints change hues with changing environmental conditions such as the viewing angle, heat, and water. The very thought in itself seems fascinating and surely makes you curious.

10 Best Color Changing Nail Polish | Buying Guide 2021

The different types of color changing polish react to changing temperature, mood, and even UV radiation. The average temperature of the body is slightly different from that of the nails. It is the thermochromic reaction that is taken into consideration in analyzing results for temperature and mood-changing variants. However, in the case of the UV variant, such nail paints react to sun exposure. It tends to get darker when outdoors. With that, let’s delve deeper into each aspect, quench your curiosity and help you make your pick.

Parameters For Purchase 

Now that we‚Äôve known how the product functions, we are learning its different variants next up. Yes! ‚Äėvariants‚Äô is the keyword here. Color-changing polishes offers variants that you can‚Äôt even think of. Varieties in formulation, texture, color, hue, intensity and many more are in store for you. When buying a product like nail polish, certain key considerations ought to be guiding your purchase decision. Hence, here we are to present before you a list of the same:

Longevity & Durability: The first considerable aspect is the longevity factor. The color changing feature might interfere with the longevity of the product formula. Thus, a color changing polish that promises to hold on for quite some time would be a steal deal. 

Color Itself: The variants in the field are huge in terms of texture, color, and many more factors. It will be a sheer waste if you pick something the outcome of which is not favorable for you. Hence, it is suggestive to look up the product description and reviews if possible. 

Ease Factor: We all love a formula that offers at-home ease of application and removal. If the procedure ends up being challenging, no one would prefer that. Therefore, it is a wise decision to settle for an easily accessible formula. 

Drying Time: A quick-dry formula is always a go-to. If you happen to be low on patience, it ought to be your ultimate consideration. Convenience is all we aim to seek, and hence, a quick-dry formula is convenient in itself. 

Quality: Efficiency and effectiveness are the keys to customer satisfaction. Efficiency would be attained when you pick the product within your budget, given its true value for money (effectiveness). That’s how both these concepts can help you determine your choice.

With these few considerations in hand, you are all good to go and hit the cart. Picking the right product for your nails is a matter of choice. We would slowly unveil other aspects throughout the journey to help you with your purchase decision. 

Different Types Of Color Changing Nail Polishes

Color transformation effects can be an outcome of several overriding chemical factors. Each variant has its unique method of functioning, though the aim happens to be the same. Let us highlight the different secretive reactional formulas without further ado.

Temperature Color Changing Nail Polish 

The temperature color changing polish contains a component named Leuco Dye. Leuco dye is a solvent and an organic acid with color-changing properties based on mood and temperature. When the nails witness a cooler temperature, it tends to show pigmentation. On the contrary, when the fingernails are on the warmer end, the outer layer turns transparent. Such a solution is usually in the form of a gel that brings about nail pigmentation in the solid state. 

UV Color Changing Nail Polish 

The UV color changing polish is solar reactive. It has the potentiality to change its color when exposed to sunlight. The formula encompasses certain tiny crystal particles that react to the sunlight. Hence, those particles show up when exposed to the sun, keeping the original nail color undercover. Besides, the particles, on settling down under normal conditions, show up the actual nail color. That’s how the solar reactive mechanism works in the case of nail paints. 

Multi-chrome Effect Nail Polish 

Multi-chrome Effect Nail Polish 

The Multi-chrome effect is accountable for different colors under different viewing angles or changing lights. These are the most trending and have nothing to do with temperature change. This formula hits the human eye with its reflective color, thus protruding a change in color. The different layers of the polish get reflected, and therefore the whole appearance of the nail polish is meant to appear different. Its reflecting effect is similar to that of a mirror. 

Holographic Effect Nail Polish 

Though it falls in the category of multi-chrome effect, there lie specific points of distinction between the two. The most crucial distinction being the reflecting type. While you can compare the multi-chrome reflection to that of a mirror, the Holographic effect reflection is more crystal-like. The changing colors with the changing viewing angles is an ultimate treat to the eyes. It adds an element of elegance to the overall effect that the nails come up with. 

Best Picks | Color Changing Nail Polish 2022

Picking one out of the lot is never as easy as it may seem. However, we have the list based on extensive research and customer reviews.  

AIMEILI Temperature Color Changing Gel Nail Polish

As the name in itself suggests, Aimeili reacts to changing temperature. The brand does not lack color variants, and you get to pick one of your choices. Its application is simple, and drying requires to be done under UV or LED lamps. When your fingertips experience a cooler temperature, the color changes as per your chosen shade from the range of colors. It is in the formula of a gel but applies like a polish. The user is not likely to witness nicks, chips, or smudges. The manufacturer claims it to last for about 14 days, and hence it deserves to be on the list of the best. Also, most customers are a fan of its results.

AIMEILI Soak Off U V LED Temperature Color Changing Chameleon Gel Nail Polish - Red Horizon (TC08) 10ml
  • 21 days high-gloss wear , On like polish, Wears like Gel, Off in minutes. Mirror shine finish.
  • No Nicks, Chips or Smudges. Requires drying under UV or LED Lamp (Cure times vary per lighting system)
  • The color would change vibrantly according to how cold or warm of your hands get and would stay that way until the temperature changes.

Why Should You Buy It?AIMEILI Temperature Color Changing Gel Nail Polish 

  • Wide variety of colors to pick from
  • Claims to last for about 14 days¬†
  • It offers a mirror shine finish¬†
  • Both layers are easy to use¬†
  • It comes in the formula of a gel and does not require reapplication


  • The drying formula requires UV or LED lamps and thus requires an extra expense¬†
  • The formula is slightly thick on the nails¬†

ILNP Heat Wave Holographic Shimmer Nail Polish

It is an entirely hassle-free and easy-to-use formula. Its color changing effect creates a crystal-like reflection. For example, the ‚Äėsoft purple‚Äô shade color transitions occur from sunset orange to green depending on the viewing angle. The product is infused with high-quality ingredients to make it best suitable for its customers.

Holographic Shimmer Nail Polish

The added feature that the variant offers is that you need not use a base coat similar to other products. With just 2-3 coats, you are all good to go with all the shimmers at your fingertips. There are significant recommendations on using nail polish by its existing users. 

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Offers ultra-luminous finish
  • Looks pristine on the nails¬†
  • Color changing based on viewing angles¬†
  • Easy to use and instant dry formula¬†
  • Has a good number of positive reviews from its existing customers

ILNP Heat Wave - Soft Purple Holographic Shimmer Nail Polish
  • SOFT PURPLE HOLOGRAPHIC - Soft purple holographic with sunset orange to green color shift
  • CHIP RESISTANT, EASY TO REMOVE - Our nail polishes wear like iron! Enjoy long-lasting coverage with chip-resistant durability. Removal is a breeze - nothing like glitter!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Not happy with Heat Wave? Return or exchange it for something else totally free of charge. We‚Äôll never leave you stuck with something you don‚Äôt love!


  • Some users complaining of its coverage capabilities¬†

KBShimmer Best Buds Tri-Thermal Nail Polish 

It is best suited for summertime use as its transformational colors are bright and full of life. The name in itself suggests a tri-thermal polish that keeps changing when exposed to potential heat. Its transition is from a deep slate blue shade to a dark orchid followed by bright minty lime. The transiting shades are covered in aurora shimmers.

For optimum results, it is suggestive of being used alongside a topcoat that would prevent the shimmer particles from feeling harsh. In just 2-3 coats, the ideal color pops out for you to flaunt. The reviews speak all positively about the polish in terms of its color changing capabilities. 

KBShimmer Best Buds Tri-Thermal Nail Polish - 0.5 oz Full Sized Bottle
  • Thermal Polish
  • Apply in 2-3 Coats For Best Look
  • Does not contain Toluene, Formaldehyde or Dibutyl Phthalate

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Best results in just 2-3 coats¬†
  • Easy application and drying formula¬†
  • Offers tri-color hue when exposed to heat¬†
  • The formula is 100% vegan and cruelty-free¬†
  • Users happen to be obsessed with its usage¬†


  • Mandates using top coat otherwise, the formula would feel harsh
  • It did not prove to be effective for some of the users¬†

Modelones Mood Changing Nail Polish Gel set

A set of six majestic color changing set makes it suit all occasions just the right way. Each bottle of color changing liqueur contains 10 ml of product. With no nicks, chicks, or smudges, you are all good to enjoy a two-week ideal manicure. With changing body temperature, the transition shades show up in no time. In the formula of a gel, the product offers a mirror-like finish on the nails.

Temperature Color Changing

The longer the nails, the better the result. It is suggestive of being used alongside base and top coat for ideal results. There is a probability  for allergic reaction, so do not forget to undergo skin tests. It has been accredited with 4.3 out of 5-star reviews on Amazon.com, with most users recommending a purchase. 

Why Should You Buy It?

  • It lasts for up to 2 weeks¬†
  • It offers a mirror-like finish¬†
  • No nicks, chips, or smudges to be observed¬†
  • The set comes with both shimmer shades as well as regular transition shades¬†
  • Best results when nail are long¬†

modelones Color Changing Gel Nail Polish Set 6 Colors, Spring Sheer Pink Glitter Temperature Mood Changing Blue Ombre Changed Soak Off Nail Art Design Kit Manicure at Home DIY Gifts for Women Girls
  • ūüéĀ„ÄźSpecial Temperature Changing Gel Nail Polish Set„ÄĎItem Included 3*Normal Color Changing Gel & 3*Glitter Color Changing Gel: Dark Pink-Sheer Pink; Barbie Pink-Sakura Pink; Brown-Orange; Glitter Light Red-Glitter Sheer White; Glitter Blue-Glitter Sheer Green; Glitter Dark Brown-Glitter Blue.
  • ūüíĖ„ÄźEnjoy Color Changing Fun„ÄĎ Feel the quadruple temperature change magic on your fingertips. The gel polish color mood changed is based on the temperature of your nails! You can know how it changes from the description.
  • ‚ú®„ÄźShimmery Pigmented Works of Art „ÄĎBefore curing in the lamp, take the magnet and place it to your liking to achieve the desired effect, it only takes a few seconds you will see! Then cure in lamp 60 seconds. Remember that the closer the magnet to the nails, the better the result, this does not mean that you have to keep it directly in contact with the polish. It allows you to create real works of art of great, great effect! Go enjoy the wonderful music festival with your eye-catching nails!


  • Is prone to causing allergic reactions for some¬†
  • Ideal results only when used with base and top coat ¬†

Del Sol Color-Changing Nail Polish 

The Del Sol nail polish reacts to UV radiation. When outdoors, the color changes in no time, even when top coated. The formula contains spectra chrome crystals that are not usually visible to the human eye. However, the particles appear to the forefront on exposure to sunlight, thus changing the original color.

Likewise, when the color does not come in contact with UV rays, it reflects the original shade. It comes in various shades and textures, such as shimmer, matte, and glitter. With its easy-to-apply formula and lovely colors, it has won the hearts of several customers.

Del Sol Color-Changing Nail Polish - I Lily Like You - Changes Color from White to French Rose Pink in the Sun - Quick dry, 5-Free Nail Lacquer - .34 fl oz/ 10mL
  • Del Sol's "I Lily Like You" is a White polish with a classic finish that changes to a French Rose Pink with a touch of the sun‚Äôs rays
  • Colors adjust back and forth in seconds, even with a Top Coat! Even on a cloudy day, 80% of the sun's UV rays still pass through the clouds, making your Del Sol Nail Polish change
  • Del Sol Nail Polishes are 5-Free which means no harmful toxins such as, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, or Camphor are added, and we never test on animals

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Easy to use formula
  • Changes color in no time when exposed to the sun
  • Multiple variations in texture
  • Works even on cloudy days¬†
  • Has good reviews from its existing users¬†


  • Some users have claimed it to chip easily¬†
  • Requires multiple coats to show up ideal results ¬†

BORN PRETTY Color Changing Thermal Nail Polish Set

If you happen to be a fan of dazzling colors, Born Pretty nail polish is likely to please you. The packaging contains four bottles of glittery nail paints. The variant is sensitive to temperature and sunlight. The most attractive part of it is the multiple effects that it offers. It is not just restricted to a dual or triple transition. It is free from any toxic substances and is completely safe for nails and skin.

With its easy-to-use formula, it is highly convenient to use. A minimum of four shades is visible out of a particular bottle of the product. Its nitrocellulose-enriched formula makes it last for about two weeks. The reviews might not be that great, but they might tend to work for you.

how to apply color changing nail polish

Why Should You Buy It?

  • It lasts up to as long as two weeks¬†
  • It is sensitive to both temperature and sunlight
  • Offers multiple effects¬†
  • Safe to be used on the nails¬†
  • Easy to use formula¬†


  • Users claim it to be false in its claims¬†
  • Not the perfect formula for some ¬†

Cirque Colors Thermal Temperature Color Changing Mood Nail Polish

With its vegan formula, it is a dual-tone transition polish that changes with the temperature change. For example, the ‚Äėsol‚Äô shade transforms from purple to baby pink from cold to warm atmosphere, respectively.

Cirque Colors Thermal Temperature Color Changing Mood Nail Polish - Magic Turquoise - Speckled - 0.37 fl. oz. (11 ml) - Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Non-Toxic Formula
  • Magic Turquoise is a turquoise thermal nail polish that changes to jade green when cold and light blue when warm, and has metallic flakes which will give it a unique, speckled finish
  • Cirque Colors high-quality thermal nail polishes matte finish will change colors based on temperature, is opaque in 2 coats, saturated in color, easy to apply, and has a long-lasting wear
  • Our polish is vegan, animal cruelty free, non-toxic formula and 10-free.

Also, the presence of a slight shimmer makes the polish appear sparkling on application. It is suggestive to use the product alongside the base coat and top coat for ideal results. In just two coats, the color develops to the fullest, and you are all good to go. There is a wide range of variants for you to satisfy your search. Users claim the product to stand firm with its claims without any dissatisfaction.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Long-lasting formula¬†
  • With the top and base coat, it brings about ideal results¬†
  • Complete vegan and cruelty-free formula¬†
  • Huge variety to choose from¬†
  • In just two coats, the outcome is achievable


  • Some users claim it to be an inferior quality product ¬†

Allenbelle Color Changing Nail Polish Set 

Are you looking for an extra guarantee factor? Well, Allenbelle as a brand is quite confident with its claims. The color changing polish set comes in a pack of six different shades, including shimmers, creme formula, etc,.

The manufacturer claims it is of high quality and assures its results. Most interestingly, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Its drying method involves using UV lamps. With an overall glossy effect on the nails, it is a perfect fit for longer nails. On a single-use, it can last you about three weeks as per the manufacturer’s claims. Also, it has quite a good number of reviews on the net from its existing customers. 

Why Should You Buy It?

  • It comes with 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Single pack with six different variants¬†
  • It lasts up to three weeks¬†
  • High-quality product and is safe for use on the nails¬†
  • It comes in a gel formula with a mirror finish


  • Needs UV and LED lamps for drying¬†
  • A skin test is necessitated before use for allergic reactions ¬†

BEROMT Thermal Mood Changing Glossy Nail Enamel

Beromt offers six different color variations in its color changing range. It is a five-free formula that changes color with thermal effects. The ingredients used in the formula are environment friendly and free from hazards to nails and skin. The best part about the product is its drying technique; unlike others, it doesn’t require UV or LED lamps.

The manufacturer claims it will last for about 3-5 days which is good enough. The product changes its hue with temperature though the primary color remains the same. It is just the intensity that reacts to temperature change. As and when the fingertips get cooler, the shade gets darker with each step. The majority of its existing users have claimed it to be effective. While some others say, it never changes color as per its claims.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • It offers a glossy/shiny outcome¬†
  • Claims to last for about 3-5 days¬†
  • Does not cause a hazard for the nails and skin
  • Changing intensity with changing temperature
  • It does not require UV or LED lamps for drying¬†


  • Some reviews with falsifying claims¬†
  • Color variants are limited to si¬†

Bow Thermal Solar Color Changing Mood Nail Polish

Though the brand is not much talked about, it has quite some relevance in the field. Bow color changing polishes are built on holographic mechanisms. It reacts to both sunlight and temperature changes. With changing temperature or sunlight, you see a different color or a different shade of a particular color. They claim to be completely free from any cruelty and are a vegan formula.

The shade ‚Äėmiracle‚Äô develops into purple raspberry when outdoors and deep teal when indoors. With its fast-drying and streak-free formula, it deserves to be on the list of the best. Almost 94% of its existing users have been satisfied with their purchase and are willing to buy more of it.

different color nails

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Easy drying and streak-free formula¬†
  • Reacts to both temperature and sunlight¬†
  • ¬†Has a vast customer satisfaction from its existing users¬†
  • In just 2-3 coats, the product turns opaque on the nails¬†
  • Claims to last for about seven days on a single-use¬†


  • Not as well known as the others on the list¬†


With that, we have all likely influential brands of Color Changing Nail Polish. When bored of the stereotypical single colors of nails, these are your go-to. But, we are mostly confused about choosing the best for us, and thus, we have you here. This comprehensive blog post is more than just a piece of information. All aspects of guiding your purchase decision have been enumerated to the best of our knowledge and expertise. 

We hope that you are all geared up to click and buy your desired pick. For any further relevant questions, do not forget to write to us in the comment section below. We would be more than happy to help our readers with their queries. 

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