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How many of us wonder if we can lose weight by drinking a supplement drink? Sounds too good to be true! 

We will discuss a supplementary drink that helps to lose weight for many individuals. Let’s gather all the customer’s Boombod reviews and their experience with the weight loss journey. 

What is Boombod Diet Shot?

What is Boombod Diet Shot?

The Boombod supplements are weight loss drinks designed for men and women to show instant results. The product comes in a small packet (Boombod shots), which users can take three times a day to see instant weight loss results within a week.

The Boombod diet shots are available in different flavors like Blackcurrant, Lemon-lime, Black cherry, and Orange Mango. The product is in powder form, which can dissolve in water. It is an easy and on-the-go supplementary drink. 

What are the ingredients in Boombod Diet Shot? Diet shots contain several components that help to reduce weight.

  • Glucomannan

Glucomannan is a natural, water-soluble dietary fiber extracted from the roots of the elephant yam, also known as konjac. This ingredient suppresses the need to eat and gives you a hydrated, full feeling when supplements are used regularly. It is an excellent absorbent that soaks up to 50 times water weight.

  • Minerals and Vitamins

There are several minerals and vitamins available in different types of Boombod diet drinks. Each type of Boombod diet shot drink contains its own set of vitamins. 

Morning Energizer : Contains Magnesium, Vitamin C and iron

Afternoon Motivator : Contains Vitamin C, Zinc and Riboflavin

Night Rejuvenator : Contains Magnesium, Copper and Vitamin D

How to take Boombod Diet Shot?

We should consume diet shots three times a day, after meals for maximum results. For directions, empty the powdered sachet into a glass and fill it with water. The substance gets easily dissolved in the water, and with different flavors available, it is a delight to drink them three times a day. 

Pros and Cons of Using Boombod Diet Shot


  • Help to suppress hunger and cravings 
  • Packets are measured and very easy to use
  • Variety of sugar-free flavors makes it easy to consume the shots three times a day
  • You may notice results within a week


  • Not budget friendly 
  • You may need more than one packet for instant results
  • Ingredients are not upto the price mark

Customer Reviews about Boombod Diet Shot

  • “This product does suppress the appetite; However, I decided to just drink green tea with lemon juice as it is cheaper.” – Shamela White
  • I use the Lemon-Lime 28-day Achiever! It has been great for decreasing my appetite, especially with the temptation working from home! Just monitor your diet and drink plenty of water with it to maximize your results. Love, love, love my shots! – Zea Kay
  • Ive been looking through so many products to help control my appetite, stop sugar craving and help me lose weight. I bought the orange mango and omg not only does it taste amazing but it helped me out SO MUCH with stopping my sugar cravings, control my appetite and i’ve lost so much weight. I feel lighter and i feel so much more energy! – Erika 

Customer Reviews about Boombod Diet Shot

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are mixed reviews about Boombod diet shots. The product helped some users, while some didn’t find it too appealing and decided to discontinue. The diet shot consists of some essential ingredients like Glucomannan which helps to reduce cravings and suppress hunger. Overall, the product is expensive to consume regularly as other alternatives do the same thing.