Dabalash Reviews | Is It True To Its Claims?

Our eyelashes and eyebrows shape our faces and make our eyes stand out. Along with being a beauty feature, our lashes and brows protect our eyes from harmful substances present in the environment. Eyelashes play a crucial role in drawing a contrast between the eyelid and the eye to create an impression. Therefore, we often wish for long and thick eyelashes and fuller eyebrows to express emotions. If you’re someone like us who is always confused with ample choices available and you are wondering what sets each of these apart, look no more! as Dabalash reviews are not readily available on the internet, we hope to clarify the same.

Dabalash Reviews

Mascaras and eyelash extensions work well to darken and thicken lashes, but eyelash serums are healthier and natural. There are a plethora of eyelash enhancers available in the market, and the competition is crazy because each one provides something unique.  

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Dabalash Reviews | Is It True To What It Claims? 

Dabalash claims to be a defining brand for facial hair growth. Established in 2009, Dabalash was created for its sole purpose to provide dual action for both lashes and brows. They claim to deliver satisfaction to their customers by including supplements that enable healthy growth and treat damaged hair follicles. 

Being manufactured in Mexico, this enhancer maintains the hair length and thickness over a long period. Reginaldo Torres, the company’s CEO, firmly believes that the enhancer helps open follicles and loosens them from foreign bodies, allowing them to enhance growth. This professional gel-based product is unique because it takes care of eyebrow and eyelash hair and accelerates its growth. 

What Is Dabalash?

Dabalash is a unisex product that works both as an eyelash and brow growth booster. The product has been formulated in a way that helps to thicken, lengthen, and strengthen eyebrows and eyelashes. For male users, it works well to grow a thicker beard. The features and benefits provided by this brand make it a must-try among the rest of the lash enhancers available in the market.

There have been clinical trials that have approved this beauty product for promoting thicker and fuller facial hair. It is safe to use with both extensions and contacts. Experts have advised limiting the use and, if possible, avoid the product if the user is pregnant or undergoing chemotherapy. Even though the product has found its place amongst other renowned brands, the applicator is too thin to cover the brows adequately, making it inconvenient and uncomfortable.

Why Should You Buy It?

Dual Action Formula: Made to bring the best of both worlds, Dabalash serves the purpose of enhancing lashes and brows. It works to make them thicker, powerful, and long.

Unisex Product: Not only is this product meant for women, but it works well for men to enhance the growth of their beards. It is made with a natural formula that functions to make the beard voluminous.

dabalash reviews

Speedy Results: Using Dabalash once a day regularly can bring forward fast, long-lasting results. Improvement can be seen by 2-4 weeks, with maximum results achieved by 6-8 weeks. This product is undoubtedly worth the try!

Affordable: Dabalash is cost-effective, and each tube lasts for up to 3-6 months, depending on its usage. Along with the low prices, there are deals available on the different e-commerce websites selling this enhancer.

Dabalash Ingredients

The specialty of Dabalash is that it is a natural product – since it is paraben-free and does not contain hazardous chemicals. An added benefit is that the product is formulated with colloidal silver, a natural preservative approved internationally, which also lessens the possibility of Dabalash side effects. Coming to the key ingredients of Dabalash, we will take you through some of them.

Bimatoprost: Being a compound that is a derivative of fatty acids, it is similar to the prostaglandin substance (also used in the treatment of glaucoma). It is considered extremely helpful in enhancing eyelashes and eyebrows, making it more robust. This solution is safe to apply this element on eyelids as it causes minimal side effects.

Keratin: It contains properties that aids in uplifting the health of eyebrows that are harmful in no way. Keratin is believed to be a natural component for eyelashes suitable for all eyelashes and works well to darken them.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E aids in condition eyelashes and keeps them strong and healthy. It helps to moisturize and keep the facial hair robust to give it a natural look. On the whole, it helps to prevent breakage and provides hair follicles complete protection.

dabalash reviews

Along with these chief ingredients, other elements such as glycerol, panthenol, biotin, to name a few, contribute to making the product what it is. With benefits of their own, all the components add up to improve both the quality and quantity of beards, lashes, and brows.

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  • Dabalash works well as an eyelash, eyebrow, and beard enhancer.
  • It is affordable, with each tube lasting about 3-6 months.
  • The products bring results instantly, the first signs within 2-4 weeks.
  • It can be applied with contact lenses.
  • No fragrance.


  • The packaging is of poor quality.
  • The in-built applicator is unsteady at times which makes it inconvenient.
  • Not as popular among women as other eyelash enhancers.

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Customer Insights | Dabalash Reviews

Dabalash on Amazon shows that the product has received 4 out of 5 stars. Working as a dual-action formula and also being unisex, the enhancer stands out for the outcome. We bring you Dabalash customer reviews to help you get a deeper understanding of the product.

Zac says, “As a man I have been quite insecure about the length of my beard. I’ve been on a search for the ideal product to enhance the growth of my beard and now I have finally found the one. Dabalash is made with a formula that is not irritating to my sensitive skin and is quite easy to apply. It is surely a dream come true as it works well to thicken and make my beard look full. Will purchase it again.

Customer Dabalash Reviews

Jane says. “Dabalash is such a great product, and I recommend it. My eyelashes have grown so much from before, and I am quite satisfied. Although it took about one month or more to work, I think it was worth the wait and money.”

Mindy says, “I use this product not only for my eyelashes but also my eyebrows, and I have started noticing a great difference in their growth. I have received many compliments because of the enhancement of my lashes and brows, and I only have Dabalash to be grateful for. However, the only problem I have with the product is that the applicator that comes with the product is quite difficult to use since it is unsteady and too thin for the brows.”

Many Dabalash youtube reviews by various influencers and users also help give both the lash stimulator’s positive and negative aspects. As much as the product is loved by many, it is also disapproved by many users.

FAQs| Dabalash Reviews

Does Dabalash Really Work?

Many customers recommend Dabalash for long-lasting results. The eyelash and brow enhancer has been formulated with ingredients that help to improve the volume and length of facial hair. 

It works like magic to give way to beautiful long lashes. Of course, it is vital to keep in mind that it might not work for you with everybody being unique. 

Is Dabalash Safe?

The product is formulated with ingredients that enhance the growth of facial hair. Being free from parabens and salts, Dabalash comprises components such as minerals and vitamins that help fasten the development and give way to thick growth in the eyelashes, eyebrows, and beard.

dabalash eyelash enhancer

All in all, it is believed this clinically tested product is both safe and fast compared to other lash enhancers available in the market.

Is Dabalash Waterproof?

Not much information is provided regarding this. However, as per the reviews and description of the product available online, it is believed that it is waterproof and can also be used with contacts.

How to Use Dabalash?

Dabalash can be applied in four simple steps. The first step starts with washing your face and removing makeup; after that, the serum can be applied around the eyes, brows, and beard using the in-built applicator. 

Lastly, it is vital to wait for a minute or two before carrying on your beauty routine. It is crucial to take preventive measures to not get into the eyes and hence should not be applied directly to the brows and lashes. The dual stimulator can be used either during the day or night based on one’s convenience.

Are Dabalash Side Effects Common?

Side effects such as allergic reactions are possible with any beauty product. Our face is considered the most sensitive part of our body. Hence, ingredients used to formulate beauty products for the skin and the eyes can cause harm if it does not suit you well. In case of any side effects, we recommend you immediately stop using the product and contact a doctor if it gets too severe.

Where to Buy Dabalash?

Dabalash is readily available in its beauty spas and salons. The product is also easily available on online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

Closure | Dabalash Reviews

Dabalash brings with it the benefit of three-in-one as it works for enhancing lashes, brows, and even for the growth of beard in men. Made with a formulation that helps to improve the thickening of facial hair. 

This unique product has positive attributes that set it apart. However, it has left many customers disappointed for the side effects and not standing up to its promises. Before making a purchase, it would be best to see if the product’s features match your interest and desires. 

We recommend Dabalash because it is safe to use, and once it does its charm, you won’t be required to use it anymore. If you want to ask us something more about Dabalash results and the product in general, don’t forget to drop a message in the comment box so that we can get back to you.

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