Does Acrylic Ruin Your Toenails

Acrylics are an artificial coating of dough on nails that makes them look longer, stronger, and more natural. They look exactly like your own nails, just a cuter version as you can make any nail art on them and shape.

We believe if something is applied to our nails it’s going to ruin the texture of the nail. But if we talk about nail polishes it’s a temporary solution for covering up the nail as acrylic does the job a lot better.

Does Acrylic Ruin Your Toenails

Can we apply Acrylics on Toenail?

Yes, we can apply acrylics to our toenails. It’s the safest form of nail application on your nails to cover up any damage. It can be applied both as a nail replacement and extension for your toenails. 

Many salons offer acrylics on hand and toenails. But if you are skilled enough you can manage to apply the acrylics for yourself. The application is almost identical to applying acrylic nails on your fingertips. They can be applied by using tools like nail tips or sculpted using nail forms. 

Are acrylics safe for your toenails?

Acrylic nails are completely safe to be applied on fingers and toenails. There is a chance of nail infection or nail ingrown if the acrylics are not properly taken care of. Other than that acrylics on toenails are safe and can be applied safely. 

Can you damage your toenails with acrylic nails?

The process to apply nail acrylics can be harmful as it requires a good amount of filling with harsh chemicals such as nail premiers and dehydrators which can further damage your toenails. 

As you have noticed toenails take longer to grow than fingernails and are smaller in shape as compared to fingernails. They are damaged easily and take a longer time to heal from the excessive amount of filling involved in the process.

So if your nail expert doesn’t know what they are doing and misses a step. It will be a consequence as your toenail can be seriously damaged. It can lead to an infection or ingrown. 

Is Acrylic nails a painful procedure?

There are certain pointers that we need to follow while applying nail acrylics as it can be a painful procedure. 

  • During the application, too much filing was done leaving the toenail thin and exposed which can cause discomfort.
  • The length of the acrylic toenails was made too long and is pressing against the toenails. 
  • Nail ingrown is growing due to a lot of pressure from acrylics and long lengths.
  • Putting too much pressure on your feet like lifting heavy objects can put pressure on your toes and will result in discomfort or pain. 

It is recommended to take off your acrylics if they are causing too much pressure or you are having pain from the pressure.

Acrylic nails are hard and not flexible as your natural nails. The length of your nails can put pressure even when you are walking or doing everyday activities. When you’re walking you put pressure on your toes which does not allow them to be flexible. The force you put on your toes can cause some ingrown on your toes.

Are acrylic nails comfortable?

For some people, it is uncomfortable to walk with long-length acrylic toenails. Even wearing shoes like sneakers can cause some discomfort to your toes as the length is too long. When we wear shoes our nails tend to naturally flex and bend as we walk but with acrylics, we might find some difficulty.

Some people adjust quickly to this discomfort but others tend to find it hard. This condition comes with acrylic nails on fingers or toes. 

How long do acrylic nails last?

Acrylic nails last up to 3 to 4 weeks but they do fill from time to time. The durability of acrylics depends on how you take care of them. Toenails might need not so much filing as fingernails do because toenails tend to grow much slower than fingernails. How long do toenails acrylics last depends on a variety of reasons:

  • The amount of activity performed in a day: It depends on how much activity you perform in a day like walking, running, or even lifting. 
  • The length and shape of acrylic nails: The length and shape of your acrylic nails vary a lot when it comes to how long they will last. As shorter length is easier to manage then longer. 
  • The type of shoes you wear: If you choose to wear shoes like sneakers throughout the day there is a chance your acrylics will get affected. It is suggested to wear front open shoes to avoid any damage and discomfort. 
  • How good you can take care of them: If you keep your acrylics clean and dry then they will last longer. 

Acrylic toenails are harder to apply

Acrylic toenails are more tricky to apply than fingernails. The reason is fingernails have more space and are longer as toenails are shorter and smaller in size. 

Applying acrylic toenails on yourself is tricky as you need to bed over to apply them.
Even when a professional is doing it, the toenails application is trickier than fingernails. 

Overall conclusion 

Acrylic toenails are possible and expensive. The fact that they can ruin your toenails is possible as well. You need to maintain them for them to last longer. We suggest applying acrylic toenails professionally as the application process is tricky and can lead to some discomfort if not done properly. 

The worst scenario that can happen is your toenails have some ingrown, fungal infection, or a damaged nail bed. To avoid such things just make sure to keep them clean and dry. It is also recommended to wear front open shoes, keep everyday activity minimum which involves less walking and no lifting.