Tips on How To Dry Your Hair Fast Without a Blow Dryer

We all know how harmful blow-drying your hair can be. While it is the quickest option when you’re in a rush, it can leave your hair dry and brittle. However, there are other steps you can take to dry your hair quickly without damage. It won’t be as fast as a blow dryer, but investing a few more minutes into your routine can save your hair and scalp from the consequences of long-term hairdryer use. Keep reading to discover how to dry your hair fast without a blow dryer—follow all the steps to achieve your goal easily.

Condition Your Hair

Along with shampoos, conditioners are excellent for hair health, but they also affect how fast your hair dries.

Nearly all conditioners contain ingredients that coat your hair to make it more water-resistant. This way, water will slide off your hair rather than being absorbed. People with very dense or curly hair can use a leave-in conditioner, which is even more effective and reduces the frizz you usually get from the natural drying process. However, if you have bleached hair, check out these deep conditioners.

Shake Up the Roots

Under normal circumstances, the tips of your hair will dry faster than the scalp area. So, once you are out of the shower, focus on drying the roots first. This will move the water down to the tips, where it will dry out faster, speeding up the overall drying time. 

With your hair upside down, finger-comb from root to tip to spread the hair apart and get better airflow. Shaking your head will help you get your fingers into the roots without placing too much stress on them. While doing this, you can also gently squeeze the tips of your hair to get the water out.  

Optimize Towel Use

Rather than using a regular towel, try a microfiber one. Microfiber towels soak up far more water than regular towels because they have a higher fiber count and more absorbent fibers. Use one to dab your hair dry or go a step further and wrap the towel around your head to absorb the water. 

How To Dry Your Hair Fast Without a Blow Dryer

You can also get specialized microfiber towels designed as wraps. Not only are these much easier to use, but they also don’t make hard folds or creases in your hair. Alternatively, try using an old cotton t-shirt or pillowcase since these are less likely to cause frizz or hair breakage.

Use a Wide-Tooth Comb 

By this stage, your hair should be 60% to 70% dry. Now is the best time to start prepping it for your desired hairstyle! The next step is to use a wide-toothed comb to get all the strands in the right direction without putting stress on the still-damp roots. It will promote airflow throughout the length of your hair, which will help with drying. 

Try a Microfiber Brush 

Next, you can use a microfiber brush. Just like the microfiber towel, this brush is specially designed to draw out moisture from your hair. The teeth on these brushes will draw out more moisture, speed up the drying process, and prep your hair for your chosen hairstyle. 

The updated design with the open back allows for more ventilation during blow drying. Plus, it’s an excellent detangler, even for very curly hair. So, don’t hesitate to purchase one on Amazon and enjoy frequent discounts!

Air-Dry Your Hair 

Lastly, give your roots some time to dry out naturally. At this stage, your hair and roots are 80% to 90% dry, which means they are in the perfect condition to be styled. Since air drying alone may not be sufficient for all hair types, we suggest you balance air drying and heat styling.

Final Thoughts 

This process exposes your hair to no heat and gives you much better results in the short run while being far healthier for your hair in the long run. It only takes 20 to 25 minutes, during which you can do other things in part. If you want awesome-looking hair for many years to come, follow our expert drying process for the best results, and check out our other hair care tips.

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