Esqido Eyeliner Reviews | The Best Eyeliner Of 2021?

Applying eyeliner is just imbibed in the textbook look, and you’ll see 95% of women wearing it.

Having the perfect eyeliner is a need for every girl and woman.

It should not contain harmful elements and be gentle on your skin.

If you are going to use it regularly, then it should not cause you any pain.

One of the most widespread used eyeliner is the pen; the pen is easy to apply and convenient.

Travel friendly and fits in your purse for reapplying.

Esqido Eyeliner Reviews claim that they can deliver the best eyeliner in 2021.

How? Let’s examine.

Esqido Eyeliner Reviews

Everyone uses eyeliner in today’s world, and they are pretty loyal to it.

Women are very selective about their eyeliner and do not change it for a long time.

Gel, pencil, pen, brush, and liquid are the kinds of eyeliner available today.

We all have our type.

Some are comfortable with pens, and some prefer liquid.

It all depends on the sort of customization we want.

The matte and glossy finish is for us to choose.

Nevertheless, we can also select the color of our eyeliner.

Eyes capture our attention, and it is one of the most highlighted areas of our face. 

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Esqido Eyeliner Reviews | The Best You’ve Seen?

Esqido Eyeliner is a pencil eyeliner that is highly pigmented and is the perfect addition to your makeup look.

What are the most important things you should wear in an eyeliner?

Longevity is also called staying power, finish and ease of application.

The eyeliner is smudge-proof and waterproof eyeliner.

It has an incredible staying power, and your eyeliner stays for the entire day.

It has a matte finish and a dark color.

Coming to ease of application, the eyeliner is a gel-based pen and glides easily on your skin.

You don’t need to trace any of the points as it requires only one application. 

Smooth and hassle-free application.

It makes it perfect for daily use, and you look stunning all day.

It comes with a sharpener to keep the tip pointed at all times and an airtight seal which ensures the use of your eyeliner till the last of it.

Safe formula without the use of any harmful chemicals.

Esqido Eyeliner has a variety of shades you can choose from.

The whole product has a crayon and pen thing going on that gets us excited.

The opacity and feel of the eyeliner are like a crayon, but the airtight seal takes it towards the pen direction.

This is one of the reasons that it will be convenient and easy to use for us.

We know the consistency and the ease of applying it. 

What Is Esqido Made Up Of?

Cyclopentasiloxane (Silicone)

Don’t get anxious after reading the complex names; Cyclopentasiloxane is a kind of silicone widely used in cosmetic products.

It was banned earlier but now has been allowed to be used.

It does not get absorbed in the skin but evaporates quickly.

Repels water and glides easily.

This is the secret of the waterproof quality of eyeliner.

You can also find it under the name D5 in many cosmetics.

It also contains lubricating qualities. 


The main property of this ingredient is film-forming.

It helps to hold the pigment in place for a long time.

It has a long-staying ability and can repel water.

Water-resistant properties and has color cosmetic applications. 

Esqido Eyeliner Reviews

Synthetic wax

Synthetic wax is another ingredient that has widespread use in cosmetics.

The synthetic wax has binding properties and acts as an emulsion stabilizer.

It controls viscosity and acts as a fragrance ingredient. 


It is a lesser-known fact, but silica promotes the production of collagen. Collagen is the building block of skin.

Silica is the key to collagen creation. Also, it helps keep your skin firm and youthful.

It also shows anti-aging properties by hiding the visible fine lines and wrinkles


Polybutene is present in cosmetics because of its lubricating qualities.

It is naturally sticky and also has a certain adhesive quality. It acts as a binder thickener and a lubricant. 


Mica is used in cosmetic products if they want to add shine to it.

Well, the eyeliner has a matte finish, so what does mica do here? Mica has a more significant role in brightening, giving a radiant and glowy effect to your skin

Esqido Eyeliner Reviews

How Does Esqido Work?

Easy Application

The pen liner is very easy to apply and glides on your skin.

The model makes it very easy to navigate and use your eyeliner with ease. The whole process is just so easy and quick.

User-Friendly Model

The eyeliner comes in the crayon pen case, which is easy to store and carry around anywhere.

You don’t need any knowledge to use it; it is as simple as filling in color. There are no stubborn caps or rotating bottom to it. The eyeliner is a pen. 

Matte Finish

The eyeliner gives you a matte finish. The pen glides on your skin, and you can apply it in any style that you desire.

You can make it fat or keep it soft and subtle. No shine and glitter, just the matte finish you want.

Highly pigmented, and you get a dark color.  

Esqido Eyeliner Reviews


The eyeliner is waterproof and repels water. As the water-repelling ingredients speak for themselves, the eyeliner is waterproof.

The elements embedded are to repel water and make it glide.

So you don’t have to worry about your pool or beach day when you’re bound to get in the water. Also, a few tears won’t smudge your makeup.


Esqido Eyeliner is smudge-proof and does not rub off when you are to put your hand on it.

Unlike the other pen eyeliners, it is very stubborn and won’t come out if you happen to rub it. The removal process is another part, but the eyeliner will not come out unless you want it. 


The eyeliner comes with a cute sharpener.

You can sharpen the tip to make your wings more precise and good-looking. Don’t sharpen it a lot, only when needed. 

Airtight lid

Esqido Eyeliner comes with an airtight lid. The purpose of the cover is that it doesn’t let the eyeliner dry.

It keeps it consistent and long-lasting. Due to the airtight facility, the eyeliner lasts for longer than it should. 

Clean ingredients

There are sulfates or paraben used in the formulation of the eyeliner. 5-free and formaldehyde-free.

No hidden or harmful chemicals have been used to make the eyeliner. All the ingredients are clean and have a purpose in the eyeliner.

For all skin types

The best part is that it does not irritate or burn sensitive skin.

The eyeliner is suitable for all skin types and does not cause any allergies or irritation of the skin. This is for all products, and anyone can use it.

Women with mature skin are also welcome to use eyeliner. 

Esqido Eyeliner Reviews

Travel Friendly

It is a compact eyeliner, and you can take it anywhere with you.

It would be best to not worry about any spillage or staining as it has an airtight cap that prevents anything from getting out or in. 


The eyeliner comes in four shades which are black, brown, gray, and blue.

You can either stick to a standard black or experiment with other shades. Mix and wear the shades according to your outfit. 


Esqido eyeliner is very affordable and does not cause a hole in your pocket.

With a cheap and perfect eyeliner, you can spend more on the rest of your makeup items, and it is Cruelty-free.

What Shouldn’t You Go For It?

Smooth: Many Esqido Eyeliner Reviews claim that it is just not as smooth as other gel eyeliners. It can be because of the model and the way it is produced. 

Smudging: Many reviews say the eyeliner does not dry quickly and smudges just with your more OK. Although there aren’t many reviews like these and some of them would be damaged products. 

Sharpening System: The sharpener is not efficient and wastes a lot of product while sharpening the tip. 

Long-lasting: It is not as long-lasting as it claims to be, and many customers have complained that it does not last all day and comes off in a while.

Customer Ratings | Before and After | Esqido Eyeliner Reviews

Jacqueline says, ” I was sick of my liquid eyeliner and wanted to try something different. That was the whole purpose. I bought the eyeliner off Amazon, and I love it. It is just the way I wanted it. Highly pigmented, thick, dark, and long-lasting. It’s waterproof and smudge-proof. It stays on for a long time, and I don’t have to worry about getting panda eyes. The gel consistency is nice, and I love the pen application. The sharpener is not efficient, but we can work with it. The airtight cap is a plus and helps your eyeliner stay fresh.” 

Jasmine says, ” I have been using gel eyeliners for a long time, and I thought this time also would be the same. Gel eyeliners are easy to apply and stay for a long time. Esqido Eyeliner has disappointed me to the core. I have to say I love the pen shape and the ease of application. The eyeliner does not stay for a very long time. There is no smudge-proof application; it smudges a lot. You need to lay a finger on it. That wasn’t very pleasant when I rubbed my eyes, and I had eyeliner on my fingers. The pigmentation varies from color to color. The black one is dark, but the brown one is not good. I didn’t like this eyeliner and would want the company to improvise on the overall texture.”

FAQs | Esqido Eyeliner Reviews 

Where can you buy Esqido Eyeliner? 

You can buy it off Amazon and other third-party retail sites and stores. 

How good is the Esqido Eyeliner?

The eyeliner is pretty good if you want to try to use gel eyeliner. It is highly pigmented and easy to use. 

Are Esqido products available in stores?

Yes, you can find Esqido products and eyeliner in retail stores. 

Why should you use Esqido Eyeliner? 

Esqido Eyeliner is a gel-based pen eyeliner. It is super easy to use and gives a beautiful matte finish. This is worth a try if you want to switch your eyeliner.

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Esqido Eyeliner Reviews have been both positive and negative.

The eyeliner looks terrific after applying, and it gives you a nice matte finish. Highly pigmented and comes in 4 different shades.

Safe for sensitive skin and all skin types. Gel-based eyeliner is super easy to apply.

User-friendly model and is very easy to use. It glides on your skin and does not form goop. 

Many negative reviews say it is not smudge-proof, which might be accurate, but the eyeliner is worth trying.

Travel-friendly eyeliner, and you can carry it anywhere. Very very long-lasting and goes throughout the day.

Hassle-free application, and you don’t have to worry about having to reapply it. It is affordable and readily available. 

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