Gaga Nails Reviews | The Best Alternative To Acrylics?

Watching Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner’s nails and getting jealous is something most of us women have been through. All thanks to our nail-biting habit, poor knowledge of maintaining long nails: the obstruction between us, and perfect nails. But faux nails, acrylic nails, and press-on nails are slowly changing the beauty game. Thanks to the beauty industry, false nails are an excellent way to fake nails like our favorite Hollywood celebrity. We know you are about to rush and shop for a false nail. Therefore, the wise decision would be to go through the best Gaga Nails Reviews before making the big purchase decision.

Gaga Nails Reviews

Going to a salon and getting nails done is a time-consuming and expensive process. And, acrylic nails are not exactly the safest choice to make. False nails are the best, economical way to fake long, shaped, beautiful nails. You should always be aware of what you are using to avoid any adverse effects. Gaga Nails has been making a lot of buzz recently. Thus we have collected all the information required to discuss further and save you the trouble.

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Gaga Nails Reviews | As Good As Claimed?

Haus Laboratories, a UK-based company, manufactures Lady Gaga Fame Nails. These press-on nails are made of high-quality acrylic ABS material to cause zero damage to the nail bed. The nails don’t require glue, so you can even out while being anywhere. For people who have serious nail-biting issues with a desire to have long, beautiful coffin-length nails, Gaga Nails is a blessing. These classic nails come in a set of 20 faux nails and are custom-made to fit even dainty fingers.

Lady Gaga"FAME" 20 Fake Nails
  • Lady Gaga Fame by Coty 20 Faux Ongles Fake Painted Black Nails Set

Gaga Nails have a natural finish that mimics the original nails, and no one can exactly differentiate between them unless informed. The fake nails are a perfect way to trick people into believing that you just came out of a salon, having an expensive manicure done. The nails have good durability, if maintained properly, can be worn for a maximum of two weeks. The nails have a shiny black color with two types of designs. But this brand also has its fair share of drawbacks. Let us find out more about the Gaga Nails.

Lady Gaga” FAME” 20 Fake Nails Ingredients

Polyethylene Terephthalate: Gaga Nails are made using Polyethylene Terephthalate, a strong, lightweight, non-toxic plastic. FDA approves polyethylene Terephthalate to be safe for everyone’s use. In its natural state, Polyethylene Terephthalate is colorless and semi-crystalline resin. Based on the processing, it can be semi-rigid to rigid. Gaga Nails get their durability from Polyethylene Terephthalate. Due to this, the nails hold up their shape for a long time and do not break or come off quickly.

gaga nails

Acrylates Copolymer: Acrylates Copolymer is a form of synthetic polymer that comprises acrylic acid, methacrylic acid. The copolymer is blended to adjust the consistency of the Polyethylene Terephthalate. It helps the artificial nails mold the natural nail plate as an adhesive and hold onto the original nails. Gaga nails get their waterproof properties from Acrylates Copolymer that protect the nails from humidity.

Polyethylene Terephthalate

Why Should You Use Gaga Nails?

Easy To Use: To use Gaga Nails is a hassle-free and safe affair. These nails don’t require any adhesive gel, which is harmful to our natural nails. They only need to be pressed onto the original nails, that’s it.

Budget-Friendly: Typically, getting a nail manicure from a salon is expensive, not something everyone can afford. But, Gaga Nails are relatively cheaper, and the result is almost identical to a salon finish nail manicure.

Made From High-Quality Materials: Gaga Nails uses high-quality, premium materials to make their nails. The nails are made from ABS material that is in no way toxic. The artificial nails do not cause any harm to the nails. The plastics used to make the nails are FDA approved.

Add Glam To The Nails: Long nails are considered glamorous, and everyone wants long nails. But not everyone can maintain long nails; therefore, they either chipped or bit them off. Gaga Nails, therefore, is a convenient and instant way to cover up your short nails by adding glam to them.

Lady Gaga"FAME" 20 Fake Nails
  • Lady Gaga Fame by Coty 20 Faux Ongles Fake Painted Black Nails Set

Perks Of Gaga Nails

  • Comes in a set of 20 nails
  • Do not require any glue
  • Comes in shiny black color, with two different designs
  • Long, beautiful nails
  • Time-saving
  • Reasonable Price
  • Lightweight
  • Can stay up to two weeks
  • Waterproof 

Drawbacks Of Gaga Nails

  • A single is color is offered
  • Not ideal for daily use
  • Some customers complained about the nail size being excessive

Gaga Nails Before and After | Customer Reviews

Lauren says, “I ordered the nails and was very happy when I got them. Immediately I wore them, the nails were a bit long, but they were a perfect fit for my finger. However, after three days, the nails started to come off, but the nail of my thumb fell off on the fifth day”.

Crystal says, “I absolutely love the color of the nails; black is my favorite color. There is a nice, natural shine on the nails. When I purchased the nails, I did not expect them to be as big as they are. Wearing such long nails and engaging in daily chores is impossible. I wish the size were a bit smaller.”

GAGA Nails bna

Mia says, “The nails are so pretty and sparkling. It is budget-friendly and 20 nails, in my opinion, is way too much. It was easy to apply and remove the nail. The false nails did not cause any damage to my natural nails. So far, I like it and would like to order it again.”

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FAQs | Gaga Nails Reviews

How to apply Gaga Nails?

First of all, clean your original nails properly. Then search for a nail suitable for your finger size. Remove the sticker from the false nails and apply it near the cuticle area of your nails. Apply pressure and hold the nails for about half a minute to ensure no air pockets are formed, and everything is well placed.

Where can I purchase Gaga Nails?

The Gaga Nails are readily available everywhere, on many e-commerce websites such as Amazon. Gaga Nails also have their official website from where you can buy the press-on nails.

Are Gaga Nails worth it?

Gaga Nails are a set of 20 false nails that add a creative look to your nails. The nails are easy to use and remove. The nails are made with FDA-approved materials and are safe. The price of the nail set is also reasonable.

Conclusion | Gaga Nails Reviews

Time to reach the concluding point of the Gaga Nails Reviews. Gaga Nails, in our opinion, is an excellent false extension that helps to fake nails like that of Lady Gaga’s. The nails don’t require any adhesive gel or something to stick, and it has its own sticker. The custom-made materials used to make the nails are also safe. Even the cost of the nails is reasonable. With Gaga Nails, you don’t have to stand in a queue outside the salon, do a nail manicure, or add a nail extension.

However, we don’t find the fact that Gaga Nails are available in just one color and design a little off-putting. If the color and design are not according to your taste, you can’t use the nails, no matter how cheap the nails are. But if the color and design are according to your liking, we recommend you try out Gaga Nails once. We hope you liked our review and found it helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us, and we would be more than happy to help you.

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