Haironex vs Hair La Vie | Which One Should You Choose?

Other than the skin, our beauty is predominantly determined by the quality of our hair. Necessarily, there is a range of products in the market to enhance hair. A lot of them have gotten unusual recognition due to astonishing results. However, do you often find yourself stuck between two sterling hair care brands? 

Haironex vs Hair La Vie

Lately, several users have been befuddled between Haironex VS Hair La Vie. Both of them claim to be better than each other, thereby perplexing an active buyer. Therefore, we decided to contrast both companies to figure out this dilemma. Consequently, in this article, we have curated an impartial report on Haironex vs Hair La Vie. 

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Haironex VS Hair La Vie | Which One Should You Choose?

There are many things one has to keep in mind while picking a brand. This can include your key issues, hair texture, ingredients, budget, etc. However, this task gets even more challenging when we are aware of two brands that might work for us, yet we have to choose one of them.  

Haironex, founded in the United States, is a natural supplement that has achieved the trust of many people in recent months. The brand claims that its cutting-edge ingredients are what makes them different from other similar products. Haironex fundamentally helps in treating damaged hair by making them denser and lustrous. 

Hair La Vie, on the other hand, offers personalized instructions for healthy and nourished hair. It also uses natural methods and guarantees noticeable changes in ninety days. Hair La Vie uses the most contemporary and newest techniques for attaining healthier and longer hair quickly.

Haironex VS Hair La Vie | List Of Ingredients

The ingredients that make up a product are the most crucial determinant of any effective brand. Keeping that in mind, we have listed below the list of active constituents present in Haironex and Hair La Vie.

Haironex Ingredients

Reishi Mushroom: Mushroom is enriched with copper, which is very useful for hair health. It prevents hair loss and also treats hair whitening. Reishi Mushroom nourishes the scalp and also stimulates the regrowth of hair.

Reishi Mushroom

Keratin: Keratin has become a popular hairstyling technique lately. It gives the hair a lustrous shine by minimizing frizz. It defends them against environmental exposure and also makes them stronger. Flaxseed Oil

Biotin: It rejuvenates the damaged hair follicles and strengthens them. It nourishes the scalp with essential nutrients that are vital for maintaining the quality of your hair. Biotin also initiates hair growth and makes them fuller and thicker.

Flaxseed Oil: A very effective natural remedy, flaxseed oil wipes away dandruff, and unwanted split ends. It is infused with powerful antioxidants and widely promotes hair health.

Hair La Vie Ingredients

Red Clover Extract: It moisturizes the scalp and boosts hair growth. Red Clover Extract is beneficial in making the hair strong and keeps hair fall at bay. 

Hydrating Fruit Sugars: As the name suggests, fruit sugars inculcate natural hydrating properties. This results in a healthy scalp, free of irritants and at the same time encourages longer and stronger hair.

Ecklonia Cava: Ecklonia Cava replaces old, damaged hair with new, nourished, and strengthened hair. It is one of the best herbal remedies for enhancing the appearance of your hair, which increases the volume of hair by blocking DHT. 

Argan Oil: Argan Oil is infused with melatonin and vitamin E, which are very efficient for hair health. It has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that keep the scalp nourishes and prevents frizz.

Argan Oil

Bamboo Extract: Bamboo extract boosts the growth of shinier and smoother-looking hair. It is enriched with silica which remarkably improves the appearance of the hair. 

Haironex Perks And DrawbacksHaironex Pros And Cons


  • Haironex uses natural and potent ingredients which are significantly essential for hair growth.
  • It is appropriate and safe for all types of hair.
  • It notably reduces hair breakage and encourages regrowth.
  • Haironex is remarkably effective in thickening unhealthy hair strands.
  • It keeps the hair nourished and moisturized at all times.
  • Haironex capsules are vegetarian and gluten-free, and they have no calories. 
  • Haironex promises a 100% money-back guarantee. Therefore, the brand is trustworthy.
  • It is a time-saving and convenient method for healthy hair. This is because Haironex is in the form of pills which are easy to consume and won’t take much time. 
  • The most exclusive feature is that they also offer an e-book that includes some fantastic hair care tips and related guidelines. 

Drawbacks but not dealbreakers

  • Pregnant or lactating women should not use Haironex without consulting professional healthcare.
  • Haironex has very few customer ratings.

Hair La Vie Perks And Cons

ProsHair La Vie Pros And Cons

  • It uses the most important essential oils for stronger and fuller hair.
  • Paraben-free
  • All the products are backed by extensive scientific research.
  • Hair La Vie also provides a 100% money-back guarantee for unsatisfied users.
  • It provides a line of products covering all your hair-related concerns.
  • You can choose between the oral application or the topical one, according to your comfort. Hair La Vie offers both of them.


  • It takes slightly longer to show results. As claimed by the company, complete transitions can be expected after around ninety days.
  • The products do contain vital oils but lack clinically proven ingredients for longer hair.
  • Many topical products have a thick or rather uncomfortable texture which might make your hair dry. 

Hair La Vie Clinical Formula Hair Growth Vitamins for Women and Men with Biotin 5000mcg, Collagen, and Saw Palmetto - Healthy Hair Growth Supplement Within Normal ranges 90 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Supports Healthy, Stronger, Thicker Looking Hair - Your hair’s health doesn’t only depend on genetics; Nutrition can help promote healthy hair too; Our Hair Growth Product Hair La Vie Clinical Formula is a nutrient dense supplement that works hard to promote healthy hair using the power of total body nutrition;*
  • Healthy Hair Growth Formula - Hair La Vie’s Clinical Hair Vitamins work with your body to target hair issues from different angles;* We help you get the necessary nutrients for gorgeous volume, incredible shine, and rejuvenated health;* Works on all hair types;*
  • Ingredients Help Support Immune Health - These naturally derived hair-supporting capsules contain immunity-supporting vitamins, nutrients, & botanicals that support healthy hair through whole-body wellness;* With immune-supporting properties & nutrients like Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Selenium, Iron, and Reishi Mushroom, each hair-supporting ingredient was chosen for its benefits to help keep you healthy on the inside—creating the ideal canvas to promote healthy hair starting from within;*

How To Apply? (Haironex vs Hair La Vie)

When we talk about Haironex, they are just easy-to-use, handy tablets. This quick application saves time and, at the same time, nourishes your hair with crucial vitamins. In this case, we don’t have to worry about a rigorous hair care regime. People who are lethargic or inactive, or those who have highly packed schedules can now rely on this top-notch treatment. These pills are easy to swallow, and you can take one capsule per day for optimal results. 

Coming to Hair La Vie, there are several products to deal with regarding this brand. If you choose to purchase the oral vitamins, be mindful of how many capsules you consume per day. It is absolutely necessary to consume as per the instructions mentioned with each product. However, if you opt for the topical way, the shampoo and conditioner have no complex technique. Just shake the bottles well and use them like any other standard product. 

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With this, we end our article about Haironex VS Hair La Vie. According to our comprehensive research, we have concluded that Haironex might be a better choice for you. With advancing developments, it’s best to choose something so convenient if it legit gives all the benefits of rival brands. 

Hair La Vie undoubtedly shows results as well, but they have quite a few drawbacks. Also, if you pick the topical regime, it becomes a time-consuming process. However, now we leave it on you to decide what suits you the best with everything mentioned.  


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