Liaison Lash Bond VS Grande Lash | Better Pick for You?

Liaison Lash Bond VS Grande Lash comparison intends to help you understand both products and help you choose the best between the two.

As the saying says, “let the eyes do the talking,” we put a lot of emphasis on beautifying it. But in the end, nothing stands out the way natural beauty does. Various factors such as job stress, genetics, hormonal issues, aging, and so on result in thinning of eyelashes. With a wide variety of mascaras and lash extensions, we often try to take the easy way out by purchasing them and hope that they work as a quick fix. However, they do not give a natural look that we often aim to look for. For this very reason, eye serums work well to grow and maintain lashes. 

Liaison Lash Bond VS Grande Lash

Eyelash growth serums stimulate lash growth and improve the hair follicles’ health. As lashes are prone to break easily, extensions and mascara contribute to weakening them even more. Hence, lash serums come to the rescue to condition and repair lashes and double their thickness and length. 

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Liaison Lash Bond VS Grande Lash | Better Pick for You?

Both Liaison Lash Bond and GrandeLASH are paraben-free products that promote naturally longer and thicker lashes. Liaison Lash Bond is specifically known for the safe formulas used that are gentle, even for sensitive eyes. The lash enhancing product can even be used on eyebrows to give it a darker, fuller look. 

On the other side, Grande Lash is a clinically tested lash enhancing serum that believes in conditioning and nourishing the lashes. GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum was the first product introduced by the brand in 2008 that is widely popular to date. It is easy to apply with only one single stroke and should be applied regularly to maintain its benefits. 

Both the products have their pros and cons, and while each does a commendable job to enhance the growth of lashes, there are differences that set them apart. Let us scrutinize the products in detail to help you finalize your choice. 


The eyes and the skin near your eyes are fragile and sensitive. For this very reason, it is crucial to educate yourself about the ingredients used for an eye product. Using eye products that contain substances like paraben, sulfate, or even retinol in many cases can cause a burning sensation or irritation on the skin. Both Liaison and Grande are vegan cruelty-free brands and are safely formulated for the eye area. 

Liaison Lash Bond

The product contains citric acid, disodium phosphate, cellulose gum, EPM enzyme, and many more. Citric acid aids in keeping lashes nourished and healthy and promotes their growth. In fact, the EPM enzyme is beneficial in reactivating hair follicles to promote thicker and longer lashes. Furthermore, Liaison’s lash serum is formulated with peptides that are rich in minerals that help to boost the growth of lashes and strengthen them. 


GrandeLASH is formulated with key ingredients such as amino acids, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid. Vitamin E is crucial to the overall eyelash health and enhances its growth. Amino acids and hyaluronic acid help to hydrate and keep the lashes healthy to prevent breakage. Each of the ingredients plays a vital role in creating more robust and thicker lashes. 

Product Features

Liaison Lash Bond and Grande Lash are very well known, with each having something unique to offer. 

Liaison Lash Bond comes in a 3ml bottle and does not contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, talc, and sulfates. This lash serum has been approved by all human clinical trials and is thus safe to use to repair damaged lashes. Being a risk-free brand, Liaison aims to provide a thrilling experience to its users. A ’30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee’ offers on the lash bond where customers are assured of a phenomenal experience. On the Liaison official website, the product is priced at $49. The lash difference is carried out in three phases- the builder, the stimulator, and the activator- with each playing a role in stimulating growth and bringing forward strong results. 

On the other hand, GrandeLASH is available in a 2ml and 4ml bottle, which emphasizes making a difference in the growth of lashes within 4-6 weeks with complete improvement within three months. This lash enhancing serum promotes longer, thicker lashes that give a natural look with improvement in the overall growth. It is ophthalmologist tested and safe to use with lash extension and contacts. On the official website, the product costs $65. The enhancer should be used once a day to achieve desirable results. This product is ideal for restoring the natural look to damaged lashes. 

Customer Insights | Liaison Lash Bond VS Grande Lash

Customer reviews help us get a better understanding of the product before purchasing it. It also helps to gain essential information from the perspective of past and present users. While browsing through so many options, it is vital to consider which one caters to your needs. We have summarized the customer insights about both the brands to assist you in your final pick. 

Liaison Lash Bond

The reviews left for Liaison Lash Bond are both positive and negative. Customers have noticed an immediate difference in the growth of their lashes within just a few weeks of applying the serum. Users also claim that there is no need to use any extension or mascara as the serum does just the job. Liaison Lash Bond has especially left elderly customers in their 50s to 70s extremely happy with the outcome. The 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee by Liaison has also helped win customers’ hearts from far and wide. 

liaison lash customer review

On the other hand, users are still skeptical about the lash serum as they have not noticed any such difference in their lashes. Many customers also reported side effects such as eye infection and swelling, which left them feeling disappointed. 


The award-winning brand Grande is highly recommended by its users for the eyelash growth serum. The product has received 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Customers have noticed a change within one month of using it. Going through the reviews that this eyelash serum has received on e-commerce websites, it can be said that it provides natural, thicker lashes for all its users. The special ingredients used by Grande to make the lash serum has proved to offer healthy lashes that faithful customers are grateful for. 

grandelash customer reviews
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While the internet is full of praiseworthy compliments about the Grande lash product, there have been negative reviews. The overall results became worse than good for many customers as it gave way to side effects such as irritability and eyelid redness. The product did leave many customers feeling it was a waste of money and does not live up to what it promises. 

Closure | Liaison Lash Bond VS Grande Lash 

With this, we can conclude that both the extension lashes work incredibly, providing benefits and drawbacks of their own. An eyelash growth enhancement can indeed be a game-changer, but it is vital to keep in mind to choose the one that does not include harmful ingredients and the one that truly stands by what it claims. 

This Liaison Lash Bond VS Grande Lash focused on what each brand of lash growth serum has to offer. You can always drop a comment below with your queries or how helpful this review was so that we can serve you better.