Lumispa Reviews | The Next Gen Cleanser?

There is an electric buzz going on in the market of all the new products found. The beauty line has followed; so many unique products are mainly to be at your disposal 24/7. At the rate at which AI and technology are going, the need to go to salons would be void in a while. We could have our salon set up at home. However, that is not the case right now. We’re going to skim over one such product today, which is creating all this teen buzz everywhere. Lumispa is described as a complete care device that cleanses your skin. Many Lumispa Reviews say this is the best product they could buy. You can use Lumispa to wash your makeup or exfoliate your skin and give it time to relax. 

Lumispa Reviews

The product looks to imbibe in your skincare routine such that you would not need a facial wash and the struggles associated with it. If your skin needs cleansing, then it can happen anywhere and anytime. Well, this is the position new tech equipment is bringing us. It feels fantastic to have this product and feel the way it feels against our skin. We should have an in-depth look at all the perspectives.

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Lumispa Reviews | The Next Gen Cleanser?

Lumispa is a cleansing tool that comes with a silicone brush and an activating gel. Cleansing is best done with the activating gel, and silicone is not rugged on your skin like other facial brushes. There are no bristles to Lumispa, and silicone brushes are much easier to clean and replace. It is a rechargeable device that is entirely waterproof. If you plan on using it while showering, then you will not have to think twice. The device is not just for exfoliating and cleansing skin, them being the main benefits. But it also has anti-aging properties. It smooths fine lines and has a noticeable difference in wrinkles. 

Nu Skin ageLOC LumiSpa Device
  • Improves skin smoothness, softness, clarity, texture, radiance
  • Waterproof and rechargeable handheld personal skincare device
  • Skin feels softer after just one use, benefits intensify over time when you use LumiSpa for two minutes twice daily

It is not harmful to acne and does not cause breakouts. Lumispa reviews for acne have been pretty positive, and you can go ahead if you feel you have sensitive skin and frequent acne breakout; this will only reduce it. The company Nu Skin Enterprises has been in the market for a long time and has delivered fantastic beauty tech gadgets that have helped most women. They make premium quality products for wellness and beauty. Coming up with a unique concept astounded me all the time. The products are pretty hard to say no to as per many nuskin Lumispa reviews. I want you to know more about Lumispa, so let’s go ahead and explore.

What Does The Lumispa Kit Consist Of?

There aren’t any ingredients in Lumispa; it just has different parts. 

The device: It contains a two-sense motion technology that has a precise way of cleansing and rubbing against your skin without causing any irritation. It has a remarkable frequency of the device, which matches your exfoliating speed and adjusts it accordingly. It cleans away dirt, dust, debris, dead skin, and also makeup. The silicone head is the star here as it feels fantastic against your skin. Unlike the bristles of any cleanser, the silicone head for the device is straightforward to use and clean. It does not prick you and glides on your skin. Easy to maintain and goes on for three months. The unique thing about the device is that when you scrub your face too hard or go a little rough, the device will slow down. The device pauses automatically every 30 seconds, which gives you time and ease to use the product. 


Activating gel: Lumispa is best used with the activating gel it comes with. It is designed to work this way. The gel leaves your skin smoother and cleaner. It also gives you a refreshed and flushed glow. Normal to combination-skinned folks can use it. The formula is a blend of algae and paints extracts. They leave your skin feeling lighter and fresher than ever. It restores your average skin balance and keeps some of the moisture in your skin. If your pores are blocked, it will also clear them, releasing your skin tension. 

Nu Skin ageLOC LumiSpa Device
  • Improves skin smoothness, softness, clarity, texture, radiance
  • Waterproof and rechargeable handheld personal skincare device
  • Skin feels softer after just one use, benefits intensify over time when you use LumiSpa for two minutes twice daily

Why Should You Buy Lumispa?

Thorough Cleanser

It satisfies the need to buy it by cleansing your skin thoroughly and removing all the dirt, dead skin, debris from your skin. You don’t have to worry about dry skin as the activating gel locks some moisture in your skin, not letting it get scorched. Even if you are back after a crazy party and you have makeup. You can relax in a chair for 2 minutes, and your face will squeak clean and be ready to go to bed. The procedure is straightforward, and I will explain it further. But the device opens your pores and makes your skin relax and breathe for a while. 

Easy To Use

The procedure is not complex and is super easy for anyone to use. The product is at your disposal as you can use it while showering as well. Just apply some of the activating gel. Make sure your Lumispa device is charged and switch it on. It will initially guide you through all the features and ways in which you can use it. Understand how the machine works and what the capacity is. Once you know how to switch it on and off, and there you go. Use it every day until it imbibes in your schedule, and you cannot live without it. You won’t. 

Smoother Skin

You will be amazed by the after-effects. Your skin will be smoother than ever, which will make you want to touch it many times. But don’t. Let the effect wear down, and your skin returns to normal. Open pores are more susceptible to damage, and you should let your skin rest for it a bit before applying anything. After using git for some weeks now, you can notice your skin feels smoother and plumper. You feel the need now to care for it and cleanse it with Lumispa. This is the smoothing effect it has on the skin. Apart from the cleansing part, this is the best part as all the Lumispa reviews say that they feel their skin is lighter and softer than ever. 

Lumispa girl

Radiant & Tight Skin 

After a few uses, you can visibly notice the glow and shine on your face. The lost radiance and shine come back with a bang. Skin feels healed and treated with being exfoliated every day. Your glow and radiance return in a matter of weeks. 


Lumispa cleanses and refreshes your skin, but it also has a significant effect on your complexion. It gives you a more even and better-looking complexion. Well, that is minimal to expect after the daily dose of skincare. If you treat your skin well, your complexion and your radiance will answer it in the mirror. Let’s leave the compliments apart for now. 


One of the best parts about Lumispa is the anti-aging factor. The device does not just exfoliate and clean your pore but reduces all the visible signs of aging. Reduces wrinkles and smooths out fine lines. Also may reduce some saggy skin due to the two motion technology. It is a friend to women of all ages as it has everything. However, it is best used with the activating gel if you want to reap all the benefits.


Yes, men don’t have to be shy about their skincare needs. Considering all the love men have for electronic devices, they are going to love this. Lumispa works the same way for men and women. Men can use it for cleansing their skin every day, which will make them feel refreshed. You can use it as a shower routine or after an office routine to rejuvenate your skin. Removes dirt and dust from the face and clears out all the dead cells. It is an excellent product for someone who is outdoors and needs everyday cleansing. 

Nu Skin ageLOC LumiSpa Device Nu Skin ageLOC LumiSpa Device No ratings yet


They provide a range of options of kits you can choose from. There are different kits for oily and dry skin that you can opt for according to your skin. So this is not one fit for all, and you can customize it according to your needs.

nu skin lumispa

Are there any negatives?

We’ve sung all the upbeat songs for Lumispa but are there any skeletons in the closet here?

Not long-lasting: Many Lumispa Bad Reviews say that the device is not very durable. It works fine for a year or some months and stops working. That could be an electronic failure or the result of some misuse. Being waterproof, you can use it in the shower, and if you don’t clean it regularly, water may accumulate and cause problems. There could be a battery issue that you can address. Rechargeable products often do this after some time. Fixing the battery issue should solve this problem, I presume. 

Not a fan of pausing: It keeps shutting down, is the complaint by many users. The pause time is just not appealing and defeats the motive of 2 mins. It takes much longer than that. 

How To Use Lumispa? 

  • Apply the activating gel to your face.
  • Switch on the device.
  • Start cleansing your face. 
  • The intelligent feature pauses after 30 seconds to tell you to move to a different part of your face.
  • Use it twice a day in the shower or outside. 
  • Glide it on your face for as long as you want for relaxation. 
  • Don’t press too hard and make broad strokes. 
  • The device will automatically turn off after 2 minutes. 
  • Rinse your face with water after use and apply your other skincare regime. 
  • It will take about 3-4 weeks to notice the change in your skin.

Customer Insights | Lumispa Before and After 

Samantha says, ” This has been one of the most exhilarating experiences in my life. It has been two years since Lumispa has been in my life, and I don’t have any disappointing words for it. I was very upset about the overall look on my face, and they were deposited on my face after using any facial wash. Some cleansers were pretty harsh and stripped me of the natural oils for my face. All this exposure made my skin look pale and uneven all the time. Some fine lines had deepened and increased over time. It was looking like a hopeless situation for me. I was totally against using any electronic device for my face, but when my daughter saw me over Christmas, she ordered Lumispa for me.”

Lumispa Reviews before and after

Marks says, ” I’m in my 30s, and my skin is sensitive to dirt and dust. It gets sick when it’s been around dust, and my work involves being around dust half of the time. So I got Lumispa after my sister suggested it, and it seemed like a bad option in the beginning. I bought Lumispa, and I had a great experience. It cleanses my skin and keeps me fresh all day. I have used it once daily for almost three years now. The best part is that it switches off automatically after 2 mins after doing its job. Pauses to indicate changing your position. However, it stopped working after a year due to battery issues. It was a little disappointing, but they fixed it. So overall, I loved Lumispa and would recommend it to men crossing 30 as we need it, guys!”

Nu Skin ageLOC LumiSpa Device Nu Skin ageLOC LumiSpa Device No ratings yet

FAQs | Lumispa Reviews

Is Lumispa Good For Acne?

Lumispa does not cause any acne breakout. You can choose the appropriate kit you want, and you’re good to go.

Does Lumispa Really Work?

Yes, this is not a hoax. Lumispa works and cleanses your skin. It is super effective and deeply cleanses your skin. Easy to use and not expensive. Affordable solution for your skincare. 

Is Lumispa Worth It? 

Lumispa is worth the price as it is an electronic solution to all your skincare needs. It is rechargeable and super easy to carry. Works effectively and shows excellent results. 

When Can You Use Lumispa?

Anyone and everyone can use Lumispa anytime. Use it twice daily for better results.

Verdict | Lumispa Reviews

Lumispa is an electronic solution for cleansing and healing your skin. It glides on perfectly, and there aren’t many cons to point out. Excellent product, and they’ve taken care of everything as per some honest Lumispa Reviews by a dermatologist. Travel friendly and unisex.

People of all ages could use it. I found it to be effective and valuable in everyday life. I was impressed by this tech newbie and I wish to see many more tech products for beauty that make our job much easier over time. 

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