M.A.D Skincare Reviews | No More Baffling! (Unbiased)

Do you often wonder what would be the ideal solution to all our skin problems? But at the same time also feel overwhelmed with the number of options available? With each brand promising to solve the skin concerns we usually experience, we are surrounded by vast possibilities. Choosing skincare products requires scrutinizing the different features and elements used to formulate these products to understand if it is good for us. This report will ideally cover various aspects that are usually not found in M.A.D Skincare reviews to help you know this brand in detail. 

M.A.D Skincare Reviews

With consumers being their priority, this skincare brand has come a long way since its inception. M.A.D Skincare believes in delivering products that focus on different skin concerns and bring happiness in their way. But how far can the company keep up with being appropriate enough to meet the needs of customers? To understand that, read along with us. 

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M.A.D Skincare Reviews | A Good Skin Care Brand?

M.A.D Skincare was founded in 2012 with its headquarters in New Jersey, United States. This company is a professional cosmetic brand that designs and delivers a formula for every skin type requirement and problem. The brand is recognized globally, committed to abiding by its mission of blending nature and science to offer the best to its customers that gives skin the natural youthful look. 

M.A.D Skincare

All the products by M.A.D skincare are paraben-free. With skin benefits visible with every application, the brand can bring quick results that make the skin look and feel good. However, while the brand claims to bring forward nothing but the best, to what extent is it able to abide by it? If you are interested to know more, you will have to continue reading this report.

Why M.A.D Skincare?

  • Restores Healthy Skin: M.A.D Skincare aids to restore a healthy balance on the skin. By keeping the skin hydrated, it has a soothing effect too, which promotes firmer skin. 
  • Fights Against Skin Damage: As the products by M.A.D. Skincare improves the quality of the skin by keeping it clean and moisturized and providing many other advantages, and it also keeps the skin free from damage and infection. They can rejuvenate the skin and be resilient against destruction by solving almost all skin concerns. 

M.A.D Skincare

  • Controls Bacteria Production On Skin: The brand fights and controls the production of bacteria on the skin. This is quite beneficial as it helps to stop any form of skin inflammation. Hence, it keeps the skin clean and free from harmful particles.
  • Anti-Aging Benefits: Many of the products by the skincare brand helps to make skin look younger. Along with reducing fine lines and wrinkles that may appear, it also helps to tighten pores. The products are known to work well to stop early signs of aging. 

5 M.A.D Skincare Products (Review)

M.A.D Skincare has eight categories of products that make skincare easier and address different skin issues. The classification has been made into SPF, body, eye treatments, masks, serums, moisturizers, cleansers, and toners on the official website. They can be further divided based on the skin concern as the brand works towards problems such as acne, anti-aging, delicate skin, and many more. While there are so many products available, the brand looking at some hyped-up products can help make a wiser choice. Let’s have a look at some of the top picks.

M.A.D Skincare Breakout Control Daily Moisturizer

The Breakout Control Daily Moisturizer by M.A.D Skincare is a lightweight moisturizer that aids in calming irritated skin down and reducing breakout. It makes the skin feel good as botanicals like ginger root and chamomile flower extract keeps the skin feeling gentle and smooth. The critical element is tea tree oil that helps to control and fight bacteria. Overall, this daily moisturizer helps to improve oil control on the skin and lessen any form of irritation. The company believes that the breakout control moisturizer can aid in keeping dry skin moisturized and nourished. 

While it is believed to be an ideal product that controls the daily breakouts on the skin, it does not come without side effects. A few common side-effects that customers have experienced after using this daily moisturizer include allergic reactions due to the ingredients. Hence, it is better to check the ingredient list before purchasing this product.

M.A.D Skincare daily moisturizer


  • Optimizes oil production
  • Provides anti-inflammatory advantages
  • Controls and fights bacteria
  • Keeps dry skin moisturized


  • Possible side effects such as allergies in case a few ingredients do not suit individuals

M.A.D Skincare Brightening Illuminating Daily Moisturizer

M.A.D Skincare Brightening Illuminating Daily Moisturizer works primarily to prevent any early visible signs of aging. Its ingredients have been blended well to provide a skin tone and texture that reduces fine lines and wrinkles that may appear. It is a lightweight moisturizer that brings back a youthful appearance and glows. The unique element in this daily moisturizer is vitamin C, which helps increase collagen and elastin production that makes the skin firm. A few other key elements include fruit extracts, kojic acid, and licorice extract. Each of the ingredients brings with them benefits that make dull skin shine with a healthy glow. It also helps to reduce any skin inflammation.  

However, the product is expensive, and the brand could have formulated the product with cheaper alternatives. Many users have also complained about the unpleasant medicinal odor that this daily moisturizer has. 


  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Works towards making skin firm and giving it a healthy glow
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive 
  • Medicinal odor 

M.A.D Skincare Anti-Aging Glycolic Age Diffusing Cleanser

This anti-aging diffusing cleaner is both gentle and effective. Formulated with a blend of glycolic acid and other cleaning agents, this product is quite helpful in cleansing dirt away and removing dead cells. All this, in the process, makes the skin glow and gives it a moisturizing look. Glycolic Age Diffusing Cleanser also has several anti-aging benefits as it reduces fine lines and provides the skin with a bright look. This diffusing cleanser is suitable for all skin types and even helps to protect the skin against U.V. rays damage.  Overall, it works to combat skin redness and irritation and give a healthy look to the skin. 

Despite the numerous benefits that this diffusing cleanser brings forward, there are not many reviews available to understand users’ perspectives who have used this product. This can indicate two things: first, the product is not recommended for unknown factors, and second, it is not as popular as its competitors. Anti-Aging Glycolic Age Diffusing Cleanser


  • Protects from free-radical damage
  • Cleanses the skin well
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Anti-aging benefits 
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • There is not much information about customer satisfaction after using this product

M.A.D. Skincare Adjusting Foundation Serum 

M.A.D. Photo Guard Solar Protection aids to protect users against UVA and UVB rays. It is an SPF non-sticky foundation serum that works on white instantly adjusts to skin tone. Primarily the product is available in two shades- neutral and medium. The neutral shade suits those with fair to neutral skin type, while the medium is suitable for those with beige to tan skin tones. The Adjusting Foundation Serum is a lightweight formula, and one can use it on an everyday basis that can be used for any skin type. The main ingredients include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that protects the skin against photo-aging that is caused due to harmful U.V. rays giving the skin a flawless appearance.

M.A.D SKINCARE SOLAR PROTECTION: Photo Guard SPF 50 Self-Adjusting Foundation Serum: Neutral - 30g
  • Non- greasy, moisturizing ultra-sheer smooth foundation goes on white and instantly adjusts to match your skin tone as you apply it.

While this foundation serum is quite helpful to protect the skin against U.V. exposure, it is not very cost-effective. It has also not been very successful for many users. 


  • Protects the skin against UV damage
  • Available in two shades
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Gives a smooth and flawless appearance to the skin


  • Expensive
  • Has not been able to achieve successful results for many users

M.A.D Skincare Acne Drying Lotion 

The Acne Drying Lotion by M.A.D Skincare is an overnight treatment that helps to decrease spots such as pimples that appear on the face. The active ingredients of this drying lotion are sulfur and camphor. Both these components combat bacteria on the skin and give it a calm and soothing effect. The natural ingredients penetrate well into the skin’s pores and treat any infection that might have been caused. Best suited for acne-prone skin types, this product aids in removing impurities and dead cells and gives an overall cooling effect to irritated skin. 

M.A.D Skincare Acne Drying Lotion - Intensive Overnight Spot Treatment
  • An overnight spot treatment to rapidly reduce the size and severity of pimples
  • Maximum strength salicylic acid exfoliates dead skin cells, allowing the all-natural drying agents to penetrate pores and treat infection
  • Safe for sensitive skin, paraben and sulfate free

However, this drying lotion has been claimed by many users not to be very effective as it does not work well to get rid of pimples. It is not free of possible side effects such as skin redness and irritation, making the already acne-prone skin more exposed to these spots. 


  • Fights bacteria 
  • Removes other impurities from the skin 
  • Soothing effect on the skin
  • Reduces spots like pimples on the face

 Acne Drying Lotion  Reviews


  • Users claim that it is not very effective with results
  • Possible side-effects such as skin irritation and redness

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Customer Insights | M.A.D Skincare Reviews

M.A.D Skincare reviews before and after shows customers from far and wide are grateful for the brand because it has been a game-changer for many. While on the other hand, some reviews also show that many have been disappointed with the results. Let’s have a deeper look at what some customers have to say about this skincare brand.

Barbara notes, “I have been using M.A.D. Skincare products for a few years now, and I must say that the overall results have almost left me speechless. As a woman who is battling aging, I have noticed my skin go from bad to worse. On trying this brand, my world turned around because I saw visible differences. I have tried 4-5 of the products, including the eye serum and daily moisturizer, and to my surprise, they have made my skin feel young, bright, and hydrated. The products are definitely not reasonable, but I do recommend them because it is an investment to your skin, and it surely does wonders.”

M.A.D skincare before and after

Mindy says, “Looking at the amount of daily stress surrounding me mixed with harmful environmental particles, M.A.D. skincare surely was a lifesaver. Results were definitely coming in for the first two weeks- making my face acne-free and protecting it from damage. However, in the long run, I did not see some of the products to be very effective as the results come and go. Not sure if it has to do with a particular lifestyle choice or not. I would advise you to go for the brand if you are determined to apply it regularly.

M.A.D Skincare Side Effects: Are there Any?

As the saying goes, “No pain, no gain,” this stands true for M.A.D. Skincare products too. While reviews show that the brand can bring long-lasting results that make users worry less about their skin, it is impossible to rule out side effects altogether. But, the good part is that these products rarely cause long-term damage. Some of the common side effects reported by users include skin irritation, allergy, and a higher risk of contracting diseases or dysfunctions.

M.A.D skincare side effect

Many of the ingredients used by the company, for instance, the botanical elements, can cause allergic reactions that lead to itching and redness on the skin. There are also a few harmful elements that the brand uses to design its products. This includes EDTA and phenoxyethanol that can give way to reproductive organ damage or nerve damage, respectively. These are hazardous damages that rarely occur, but we cannot rule them out completely.

If any sides show up big or small, we recommend you discontinue using the products immediately and consult an expert if it is prolonged.

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FAQs | M.A.D Skincare Reviews

Is M.A.D Skincare Cruelty-Free?

Yes. All products by M.A.D skincare are vegan and cruelty-free. They have not been tested on animals.

Does M.A.D Skincare Cause Acne?

No. Acne has not been seen to be a common side-effect after using M.A.D Skincare products. Instead, they have specific treatments that help prevent any skin breakouts and get rid of acne. 

Are M.A.D Skincare Products Good?

M.A.D Skincare products have received many positive reviews from customers across the globe. Since it is a paraben-free and sulfate-free brand, many have praised the company for its philosophy of blending science with nature.

Verdict| M.A.D Skincare Reviews 

M.A.D Skincare Reviews have gained popularity over the years, and users from far and wide relying on the results that the brand claims to bring forward. While there is clarity regarding what the brand aims to achieve and how far it can live up to its promise, our team believes that this skincare brand is indeed worth giving it a try.

Like any other beauty brand, M.A.D. skincare is also not free of drawbacks but what can help you out is to get a closer picture of the ingredients and features beforehand. Doing so will make you aware of everything well in advance and make you weigh the pros and cons. If you want to ask us anything further, do drop a comment below so that we can get back to you. We would be happy to help you out.