Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum Reviews | Your Eyelashes’ Best Friend?

Nine out of every ten women agreed that they would undoubtedly spend it on a lash enhancing serum if given an extra dollar.

No doubt, a lash enhancer is one of the buzziest products.

Most women have no problem spending a fortune on a lash enhancer because our eyes are an integral part of our face.

And, a lash enhancing serum adds to the beautifulness of our eyes.

Therefore, people use a lash serum to elevate the appearance of their eyes.

In a quest to look beautiful, people even use products that are not natural.

Today, we have a product that claims to provide an all-natural solution.

Let’s see if it is genuine or not through some Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum Reviews.

Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum Reviews

Everyone wants to look beautiful because our society emphasizes outer beauty.

Therefore, to look beautiful, people are even inclined towards cosmetic solutions.

Currently, there’s a lot of competition in the beauty market.

To be on the top, many brands compromise with their quality which can be harmful.

Let’s find out if Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum is a compromised product or not.

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Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum Reviews | Your Eyelashes’ Best Friend?

Sold in over 70 countries, Neutrogena, a dermatologist-recommended skincare brand, is a brand that comes under the umbrella company of Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies.

In 1930, Emanuel Stolaroff started the brand initially named Natone.

The patented soap sold by the brand instantly became famous as hitting the beauty market.

Our beauty begins with our skin; therefore, Neutrogena brings products that make you get your best healthy-looking skin by combining science with nature.

In 1994, Neutrogena was acquired by Johnson & Johnson.

In 2020, Neutrogena reformed themselves, and now the products are made in 30% Post-Consumer Recyclable (PCR) plastic.

Neutrogena Healthy Lashes Lash Enhancer Serum Formulated with Biotin & Peptides; Nourishing & Conditioning Serum to Enhance the Look of Lashes, 0.08 oz White
  • 0.08-ounces of Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum with biotin and peptides to boost and enhance the natural look of lashes
  • Full lash serum helps nourish and condition from the root to promote healthier, fuller, and more beautiful-looking lashes
  • Formulated with biotin and peptides, this lash booster leaves lashes feeling moisturized and longer-looking in just 4 weeks with 9 out of 10 women seeing lash enhancement

Neutrogena Lash + Brow Enhancer Serum is a thoughtful product of Neutrogena.

You can use this multipurpose serum to grow your lashes and brows.

Isn’t this amazing? Neutrogena Lash + Brow Enhancer Serum is ophthalmologist tested and makes your lashes and brow hair grow longer and healthier.

The serum’s formula contains a healthy dose of peptides and Biotin to boost the growth of your lashes.

It nourishes the hair follicles and strengthens them, resulting in less hair breakage.

The applicator of the Neutrogena Lash + Brow Enhancer Serum makes it apply the serum to the eyes without getting inside it.

As the serum has no harsh chemicals, it irritates the eyes.

But, the question is, is it true?

Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum Ingredients


Peptides are a chain of amino acids that can miraculously improve the hair’s health.

Our hair primarily consists of Keratin, and peptides create Keratin.

Peptides increase the elasticity of the hair and make the hair stronger.

It helps stop excessive hair loss as the blood circulation improves due to the peptides.

The nourishing ability of the Peptides makes them look beautiful.


Vitamin B7, also known as Biotin, is necessary for healthy hair.

It improves the production of Keratin, the main protein that makes up the hair.

Biotin promotes hair growth by reducing hair fall.

It strengthens the hair and makes them less prone to breakage.

Also, it helps with inflammation and reduces inflammation in the lash line.

It boosts the speed of follicle growth rate.

Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum Reviews


It is a byproduct of Pantothenic Acid, widely known as Vitamin B5, is a common ingredient in most hair products.

Panthenol is a humectant and emollient and, it adds luster and moisture to the hair.

The primary function of Panthenol is to attract moisture from the air and lock it in the hair strand.

You can consider it an excellent conditioner as it nourishes the hair.


Glycerin is a humectant, and it attracts moisture from the air to keep the hair moisturized and prevent it from getting dry and brittle.

It retains the moisture and creates a very thick barrier so that the moisture does not fade away.

Although not proven scientifically, some studies suggest that Glycerin contributes to lash hair growth.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is used in Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum to preserve the serum’s consistency. When applied, it makes the serum gets easily absorbed into the hair.

Propylene Glycol softens the hair and makes the hair look nourished. It increases the moisturization of the lash and brow hair and provides them with immense strength.

Also, it increases the shelf life of the serum.

Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum Reviews

Besides the ingredients mentioned above, a few other elements like Water, Pentylene Glycol, Glyceryl Polymethacrylate, Aminomethyl Propanol, Carbomer, 1,2-Hexanediol, Panthenol, Dipropylene Glycol, etc. are also present in Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum.

All these ingredients are safe for the skin and make the lash hair grow faster. The serum is free of paraben and fragrance.

Why Should You Use Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum?

It Nourishes The Hair: One of the many reasons Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum is loved by many is because it makes the hair look nourished and moisturized.

The ingredients present in the lash-enhancing serum prevent dryness and protect and condition the lashes.

It Has A Multipurpose Usage: Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum has multipurpose usage to promote lash hair growth and brow hair growth.

The serum is chiefly known as a lash-enhancing serum, but the fortifying serum also has added benefits that increase the hair follicle rate in the brows.

It Strengthens The Hair: Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum makes the lash and brow hair strong. The serum penetrates deeper into the hair and makes the hair follicle strong.

The peptides cling onto the hair shaft and hold them tightly into the place, and do not let them break or fall off easily.

It Boosts Hair Growth Rate: The primary work of Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum is to boost the hair growth rate in the lashes and brow.

The serum is enriched in natural ingredients that promote a faster hair growth rate, making the hair look longer and voluminous.

Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum Reviews

Perks Of This Serum

  • Paraben-free
  • Enriched in Biotin and peptides
  • It increases the volume of the hair
  • Oil and fragrance-free
  • Reduces hair fall rate
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • It conditions and moisturizes the hair
  • Decreases dryness from the hair
  • It has a reasonable price
  • Has an applicator brush
  • It has a recyclable packaging

Drawbacks Of This Serum

  • It includes Propylene Glycol, which may not be suitable for all
  • As per reviews, it works better as a lash enhancer, not a brow enhancer

Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum Before and After | Customer Reviews

Nora says, “Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum is my absolute favorite. My best friend recommended this amazing serum to me. The density of my lash hair is very low. Because of this, I used to feel very embarrassed. Thankfully, Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum has been nothing but a boon for me. I apply the serum twice a day, and in two months, the condition of my lash hair has significantly improved. It looks a lot better than earlier.”

Gabriella says, “I have heard a lot about Neutrogena lash enhancer serum, so I purchased it. The price, in my view, is acceptable. I dedicatedly used the serum for six months. I am happy with what the serum has done for my lash hair. My lash hair has relatively become more robust and longer. The lash hair also looks shiny and nourished. Although my lash hair fall has decreased, sometimes, it breaks down if I pull the hair with a bit of force. Also, Neutrogena claims that the serum also improves brow hair growth, which unfortunately did not happen in my case.”

Jennifer says, “I have sensitive eyes. Therefore, I constantly research a lot before buying any product. I did my homework before buying the serum. I made sure that it was paraben-free and non-irritant. However, the first time I used the serum, my eye was stung a lot. Even though I washed my face, the burning did not subside. This is why I discontinued using this serum.”

FAQs | Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum Reviews

Does Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum change eye color?

Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum does not change iris color as per the customer reports.

Does Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum work?

Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum is enriched in Biotin and Peptides. It gets quickly absorbed into the hair and instantly boosts the hair growth rate in the lashes and brow.

It does make the lash hair stronger, thicker, longer, and healthier. Therefore, you can consider that the Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum works.

How should I use Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum?

The first step to applying Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum is to clean your face. Make sure you dry your face, especially the lash and brow hair, to use the serum.

Then, apply the serum starting from the tip of your lashes just the way you apply eyeliner. For better results, apply the lash enhancer serum twice a day.

How long does it take Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum to work?

As proclaimed by the brand, Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum shows results in no less than four weeks. But it all depends on how you use it.

Few customers have gotten results before, and few had to wait for more than a month to see visible results.

Where should I purchase the Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum?

There are many areas where you can purchase the Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum. You can buy the serum from any online/ offline retail store.

We would recommend purchasing it from Amazon. Also, you can buy the serum from Neutrogena’s official website.

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We feel now is the best time to conclude the report with positive Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum Reviews.

Neutrogena, as a brand, is much loved and recommended by top dermatologists.

For years, Neutrogena has gained much popularity, and the Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum is one of the most purchased products of the brand. This serum is ophthalmologist tested and is paraben-free.

This magical serum has dual-use, beneficial for brows and lashes. The lash enhancer serum, like its name, makes the lash hair strong so that they do not break or fall.

It also nourishes the lash hair, conditions and moisturizes them.

The main attraction of the serum is that it promotes the growth of new hair. Doesn’t this sound like a steal-deal?

But, as the famous saying goes, nothing is flawless.

The Neutrogena Lash Enhancer Serum has a few shortcomings too.

The serum is more suitable for enhancing lash hair growth. It does not work better for brow hair than for lash hair.

Also, few people have reported side reactions after using the serum, such as a stinging sensation, eye redness, etc. But, all these are temporary and may occur due to sensitive skin.

Therefore, we would recommend doing a patch test before using it.

We hope this review was helpful; still, if you have any unsolved queries, make sure to drop them below in the comment box. We would be happy to answer them for you.