New Nordic Hair Gro Reviews | The Perfect Haircare Supplement?

Artificially providing your skin with vitamins and minerals has no use if your skin denies reaping its benefits.

So what can be done in this case? We can take supplements.

Supplements ensure the absorption of the essential minerals in our skin.

They provide your hair with nourishment and nutrition from underneath for them to grow correctly.

It keeps your hair healthy, reduces hair loss and hair thinning.

One such supplement in the market is New Nordic Hair Gro.

It is unmistaken by New Nordic Hair Gro Reviews that it is beneficial and a necessity for bald spots and thinning hair. 

New Nordic Hair Gro Reviews

Providing your hair with collagen and biotin-boosting minerals improves blood flow in the region, promoting faster hair growth.

It gives the proper nutrition for your hair to grow and heals hair damage and repair.

The therapy provided is from underneath and has no bounds that can hinder the treatment.

That is one benefit of using supplements is that it ensures that the medicine reaches the target. 

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New Nordic Hair Gro Reviews | Will It Work?

New Nordic Hair Gro is a Swedish natural health care product.

It is said to increase hair count and promote hair growth.

Also, it thickens thinning hair and improves overall hair health.

It aims at providing nutrition to hair and repairs hair damage.

Studies conducted at the University of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia have proven that there has been new hair growth in the region.

40% of the people showed a 50% increase in hair growth, and 5% did not notice any change.

It contains natural hair growth boosters which work on providing your hair follicles with the proper nutrition.

Some people start showing satisfactory results in just four months, but it would take a good eight months for good results to appear. 

New Nordic Hair Gro | Hair Growth Supplement Tablets | Biotin & Palm Fruit Extract Tocotrienols for Natural Regrowth | Swedish Made | 60 Count (Pack of 1)
  • BEAUTY FROM WITHIN - 2 daily tablets daily supports normal new hair growth, take for 8 months to support significant hair growth and increase hair count
  • BENEFITS - Clinical studies at the University of Kuala Lumpur showed a significant increase of new hair count after 8 months of supplementation with a specific tocotrienol complex from palm fruit. Results showed that 40% of the group had more than 50% increase in hair growth*
  • NATURALLY SOURCED - Apple extract, millet and biotin with palm fruit extract nourish the hair follicles naturally

We need to remember that these are supplements in the form of tablets that we have to ingest.

The pills are a good source of nourishment for your hair and aim to grow them faster and healthier.

The focus is not just on developing new hair but also on improving overall hair quality.

Like hair thinning issues, your hair would appear thicker and huskier after taking the supplements.

Supplements are great for people tired of using oils and serums for hair growth, and nothing seems to work on them.

Let’s now have a look at the ingredients which are responsible for our hair growth. 

New Nordic Hair Gro Ingredients


Tocopherol or Vitamin E is essential for the growth of hair. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties for hair.

It is said to reduce cell damage and promote hair growth.

Moreover, it keeps your scalp healthy, and there is little evidence that Vitamin E can help prevent hair loss, but it is effective in most cases.

It sure improves hair growth in people, and there are enough studies to support that.

Vitamin E returns the shine of your hair.

Over time, when heat and exposure take away the glow of your hair.

Vitamin E produces your shine like essential oils do and makes them shiny again. 

Apple extract

Oral consumption of apple extract stimulates hair growth and hair weight.

Also, it improves hair growth and skin quality.

It can do this in a pretty short period.

It nourishes your hair and increases keratin production.

Horsetail extract

Horsetail extract is used for the hair because it contains silicon, antioxidant properties, and an impact on collagen.

Silicon has a powerful effect on hair as studies have shown that hair shows positive resistance to breakage.

It also increases the speed of hair growth and reduces scalp irritation and dandruff.

Also, it increases the blood circulation in the scalp region.

It has an impact on collagen and increases the production of happy and healthy hair, and it shows an increase in hair growth in older people and works as an effective remedy for hair loss. 


Zinc plays a vital role in the repair and healing of hair cells.

Similarly, it is no surprise that zinc works amazingly well for hair loss and zinc deficiency is one of the main reasons for hair loss.

Orally ingested zinc can solve the deficit and reduce overall hair loss.

People also say that zinc in high quantities can increase hair loss.

You must read the amount of zinc in any product before buying it. 


Biotin is also called vitamin B7. Vitamin B7 stimulates keratin production.

Keratin is the building block of hair, and the increase in output will improve hair quality and volume.

Keratin is not stored in your body, and you get it from the food you eat.

Ingesting keratin for better hair quality and volume can be your best shot.

Fortifies your hair follicles and boosts keratin for thicker and healthier hair. 

Why should you buy it?


The tablets have a considerably high dosage of the ingredients, which ensure their absorption in your body.

Ingredients like zinc and Vitamin E, which help increase your hair strength and reduce hair loss, are in a reasonable quantity.

The ingredients are not very famous, but they give results, as shown by some studies. 

Hair loss

They stop hair loss by reducing it gradually.

Bald spots and people with extensive hair loss need to switch to tablets just for this reason. 

Hair Strength

It improves hair strength and resistance to breakage and nourishes hair from the follicle, and increases stability.

Increased blood circulation provides energy and nutrients for the process—heals and repairs hair for them to grow back stronger.

Thicker Hair

The capsules aren’t just going to give you new hair and reduce your hair fall but also give you thicker hair.

Thickens and nourishes hair.

It makes them healthy and shiny like before.

It is not enough to provide you with new hair; they need to be strong enough to hold on.

Always aim for healthier volume and not just volume.

It returns the shine and gloss of your hair and provides the proper nutrition for shining and sheeny hair. 

Speeds Up Hair Growth

It speeds up the hair growth process.

You will see a considerable increase in the growth of your hair very soon.

It takes about four weeks to see a noticeable change and a full of 8 weeks for your hair to grow back entirely.

Eight weeks does seem like a long time, though. 

Decent Price

The price is affordable.

Not exorbitant and expensive such that it goes out of budget for some people. 


You have to consume the tablets orally, making it an easy method of consuming any product.

It does not require applying, unlike any oil or serum which are used for hair growth.

Tablets are easy and travel-friendly to carry and apply anywhere.

There is no hassle of removal and rinsing. 

New Nordic Hair Gro Reviews


You can find the New Nordic Hair Gro at several retailer stores and online.

Easy to find, and you don’t have to go around searching for it. 

Positive Reviews

If you do search for New Nordic Hair Gro reviews, you will find many positive ones.

Hair has regrown, and it is healthier than ever—thick and healthy hair.

It delivered good results in the promised amount of time. 

Are There Any Negatives?


Most of the ingredients are unknown and not very common.

Also, elements like zinc and biotin could be prescribed in a larger dosage.

The overall dosage of the beneficial ingredients is low compared to the other hair growth supplements.

Ingredients are unknown and not familiar.

There are not many studies to prove that all of them work positively towards regrowing hair effectively.

For the time being, due to the good reviews, we cannot question the ingredient list. 

Thick Pills

The pills are thick and not coated with anything.

That makes them very difficult to swallow.

It gives your throat a hard time as the taste is not very pleasant.

Not easy to swallow.

Long Waiting Period

The results reportedly take almost eight weeks to show full results.

Eight weeks is a very long waiting time.

Other options in the supplement market can do the job in less time.

Popping pills for eight weeks is long.

I’m not saying that lengthy procedures don’t deliver results, but this does seem like a long time.

As we take the pills twice a day, it is not wrong to expect the results sooner.

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How Do You Take It?

You have to consume the pills twice a day.

Warning: Pregnant women are not allowed to consume these pills. 

Customer Ratings | Before and After | New Nordic Hair Gro Reviews

Andra says, “ I started taking the tablets due to bald spots which were constantly troubling me. I took the pills twice a day for about four weeks. My hair quality had gotten better; my hair felt thicker and stronger than before, and my bald spots had started covering, and there was a considerable increase in hair growth. I need to continue taking the pills for another four weeks for better results. There has been some improvement, and if the promised time is eight weeks, I might have half the journey to go on. The pills are a little hard to swallow and irritating, but I think I can bear it for the results. I still think there are better supplements in the market.”

New Nordic Hair Gro Reviews before and after

Meghan says, “It has been almost six weeks since I have been using New Nordic Hair Gro. The pills are so difficult to swallow. However, the amount of hair loss has not decreased a lot. It has reduced but not as much as I had expected. New hair follicles are emerging, and I hope they come out to be healthier and voluminous hair. The ingredients are not very famous, and studies don’t prove any concrete evidence of them working positively for your hair. I guess I’m just one of the people in the clan the tablets have not worked for.” 

FAQs | New Nordic Hair Gro Reviews

Where can you buy New Nordic Hair Gro?

You can find it in many retail and online stores as well. It is not hard to find, and you’ll quickly get it. 

How do you take New Nordic Hair Gro?

The formula is in the form of tablets, and you need to ingest them orally. Take the two pills twice a day and see the results in 8 weeks. 

New Nordic Hair Gro Reviews

Are there any side effects for New Nordic Hair Gro?

There are no side effects for the supplements.

At least none are reported; you have to take the pills in the correct quantity, but consult your doctor before consuming any oral supplement.

Also, any pregnant woman must not have it as it may be harmful.

Is New Nordic Hair Gro worth the price?

New Nordic Hair Gro is worth the price as per numerous New Nordic Hair Gro Reviews.

It is pocket-friendly and easy to use. It speeds up hair growth and reduces hair loss.


New Nordic Hair Gro Reviews are very positive towards the women’s side and none towards the men’s side.

We don’t know the reason, but we want to see why it doesn’t work for men. Well, the product is worth the price, but there are specific issues with the formula.

The ingredients in the formula are not scientifically proven to increase hair growth. More tests by dermatologists could prove more effective.

The ingredients are unknown and in less quantity. There has to be an update in the formula.

Otherwise, the pills are pretty satisfactory, but I would not suggest them to anyone unless they come up with an upgrade.