Top 10 Gorgeous New Year Makeup Looks to Greet 2023 in Style

There’s a long list of reasons why people love ringing in the New Year – food, festivities, and time off from work spent with family and friends. But one thing, in particular, gets us giddy whenever New Year’s Eve approaches: the freedom to flaunt beautiful makeup. To help you search for New Year makeup looks, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites to spur your creativity. Whether you’re looking for a muted make-up look with pops of gold or silver, or a bolder look that plays with vibrant colors, you’re sure to find something to replicate here! 

1. Elevated Smokey Eye

Smokey eye makeup look

Yes, the smoky eye has never gone out of style, and we love how this version screams va-va-voom! Elevate the classic smoky eye look with gold, bronze, or silver eyeshadow. Don’t forget to blend, blend, blend! Then go to town with black eyeliner, and create a smokey look with a smudging brush. Keep the focus on the eyes with nude pink lipstick. 

2. Thick Cat-Eyes

Thick cat eye

You don’t have to go crazy with eyeshadow to create a stunning makeup look for New Year. Here, eyeliner is the main focus. Start with a cool-toned brown transition shade on your outer v, then lightly dust a pink-toned shimmer. Exaggerate your cat eye by making it thicker than normal, then finish the look with some falsies and a liquid lippie in a salmon shade. 

3. Playful Graphic Liner

Playful graphic liner

New Year is not the time to shy away from outrageous and creative makeup looks! We absolutely love this take on the classic cat eye, especially when combined with a bushy eyebrow look. Use a liquid liner to draw a cat eye that extends to the inner corner, then draw a line along your crease. Dab some gold glitter on your lids for a touch of sparkle, then finish the look with a glossy nude lippie. 

4. Sultry Soft Glam

Soft glam look

Keep it lowkey with this sexy and soft glam look! Recreate this mug with sculpted brows, gold shimmer eyeshadow, and a neutral glossy lippie. The white highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes and browbones is what truly elevates this look. Finish with a light dusting of pink blush.

5. Minimalist Gold

Minimalist gold eyeshadow

If you’re looking for simple New Year makeup looks, skip the gimmicks and go minimalist. A heavy dusting of gold eyeshadow, clear glossy lips, and a rosy sun-kissed blush is all you need to make a statement this New Year. Balance this lowkey look with your favorite accessories, and you’re ready for the New Year. 

6. Soft and Sultry

Sultry makeup look

Here’s another take on the classic smokey eye using gold shimmer eyeshadow. Extend the shimmer to your lower lashline and finish with sculpted eyebrows, glossy nude lips, and a messy updo. For extra glam: use powder blush instead of contour powder to sculpt your cheekbones!

7. Classic Red Lip

Classic red lip look

The easiest way to make a statement on New Year’s eve? Wear a bold lip color. Stunning red lips can be the focal point, while the rest of your makeup can be as natural as you wish. Bold red lips can be intimidating to wear, so find a shade that you feel good in!

8. Bold Colors

Bold color makeup look

Bold colors like green eyeshadow can be intimidating, but you can play it safe by keeping the rest of your makeup muted. We absolutely love this barely-there holiday makeup look that keeps the focus on the eyes. Elevate the look with bushy eyebrows, faux freckles, and a touch of cream blush for a rosy flush.

9. Color Pop

Bold eye makeup look

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright and bold colors for a makeup look that will turn heads. This look keeps it playful with an electric blue graphic eyeliner, pink shimmer eyeshadow, and a pop of white highlighter on the inner corner of the eyes. For a glossy and dewy look, use an illuminator under your foundation.

10. Crystal Eyeliner

Crystal eyeliner makeup look

Stick-on crystals are fast becoming a makeup trend, so why not consider donning this stunning look on New Year’s eve? To recreate this Euphoria-esque mug, use lash glue to stick flat-back crystals along your lower lash line or above your eyebrows, then pack some gold glitters on your lids. You can skip the flower petals, but if you’re looking to turn heads, go ahead!



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