No7 Lash Serum Reviews | Ideal Replacement For Fake Lashes?

Not everyone is lucky to be blessed with naturally long, luscious eyelashes. And, those who are not blessed with long eyelashes always keep seeking a resort to trying to make their lashes long. Although false lashes are an effortless way to fake long lashes, they are not always convenient. Come on, let’s be honest; false eyelashes can’t beat the charm of natural lashes. But, the question of the hour is, how to make lashes long and attractive? Let us clear the confusion about one such product that promises to help you in this scenario. So let us get started with an unbiased report based on true No7 Lash Serum reviews.

No7 Lash Serum Reviews

Lash serums are like a magic wand for people with short lashes. Having the goodness of essential vitamins, these serums boost lash health and ensure healthy growth. However, one should always check the authenticity of any beauty product before using it to avoid the chances of facing adverse effects. We have scoured the internet for every possible available information on the concerned brand. We guarantee you to be able to make a wise decision by the end of this article.

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No7 Lash Serum Reviews | An Ideal Lash Serum?

Launched in 1935, No7 is a well-established brand based in Nottingham. The main motto of the brand is to provide luxurious and glamorous products to people but at an affordable price. The Lash Impact Lash Serum is a praise-worthy serum that can make the lashes darker and thicker. The unique blend of lash-nurturing ingredients promotes lash not only growth but also brow growth.

The lash serum is hypoallergenic and is a great way to enhance the look and feel of the lashes. The brand promises to deliver effective results in a matter of only eight weeks, and the proof to this claim is the hundreds of customer reviews vouching for it. At the same time, some customer reviews also state that the serum irritates eyes and darkens skin darkening. Let us further discuss if the dealmakers outweigh the dealbreakers, or not.

No7 Lash Impact Lash Serum Ingredients

When it comes to eyes, one should always be aware of what they are putting on or near them. Let’s look at some of the active ingredients used in the Lash Impact No 7 Lash Serum, which guarantees the working and increases the serum’s effectiveness.

no7 lash serum

Retinyl Palmitate: There are many reasons to incorporate Retinyl Palmitate in the lash serum. The primary being that it gives strength to dry and damaged lashes, which is similar to watering your almost dead plants to revive them. The other reason is that Retinyl Palmitate can prolong the shelf life of the lash serum.

Sodium Hyaluronate: Generally, Sodium Hyaluronate is known for boosting hair growth. It acts as a gentle hydrator and makes the lash full and shiny. The Sodium Hyaluronate gives strength to the strand of the lash, thus reducing the lash fall. Also, it gives volume to the lashes and makes them appear fuller.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Tocopheryl Acetate: Being a form of Vitamin E, Tocopheryl acetate assists lash growth. The antioxidants present in it protects the lashes from oxidative damages. Its primary purpose is to make the texture of the eyelash smoother. The ability of the Lash Impact Lash Serum to replenish the lost shine of the lash is due to the Tocopheryl Acetate.

Tocopheryl Acetate

Butylene Glycol: It is a natural moisturizer and conditioner. The use of Butylene Glycol thickens the serum, making it easy to apply. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant properties that act as a shield for the lashes. It is non-irritant and does not cause any skin irritation.

Hydrolyzed Keratin: It is sourced from a larger Keratin molecule and penetrates deep into the lash. It revives keratin, and everyone knows how keratin is essential for hair growth. It heals the lash from the damage caused by environmental stressors. It reduces the lash breakage, treats the brittle lash, etc.

Hydrolyzed Keratin

Other ingredients include Glycerin, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Disodium Phosphate, Panthenol, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Serine, Glycine, Glutamic acid, Lysine,  Threonine,  Proline, Propylparaben, Sorbitol, L-cystine, etc.

Why Should You Use This Lash Serum

Adds Definition To The Lashes: Regular application of the No 7 lash serum effectively improves lash health. It makes the lash darker, fuller, stronger, and thicker. The serum also treats the brittle and frizzy lash and conditions them to make them smooth and shiny. By adding volume to the lashes, the serum gives them a noticeable definition.

no7 lash serum

Quicker Results: In general, most lashes take a minimum of six weeks to show results. No7 Lash Impact Lash Serum promises to provide definite results in just eight weeks.

Can Be Used For Both Lash And Brow: Even though the serum’s name is lash serum, it is as effective for brows as lashes. People who want to give a volume to their eyebrows can use the serum without any hesitation.

Perks of this Lash Serum

  • Naturally improves the lash health
  • Affordable
  • Adequate replacement for false eyelashes
  • Purchasing it does not require any prescription
  • Provides fuller looking lashes
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy to apply

Drawbacks of this Lash Serum

  • Only improves the lash health, not stimulate lash growth
  • Can cause eye irritation
  • Includes sodium phosphate that can result in skin allergy
  • Excessive application of the serum may result in skin discoloration

No7 Lash Serum Before And After | Customer Reviews

Amanda says, “This is my second time purchasing the lash serum by No7. The formula is unscented, but the application is a bit tricky. As the serum has a runny, liquidy texture, it often runs down and enters the eye, which one should always avoid. If one applies the serum carefully, there is no problem. I have noticed a visible change in my lash, which is the reason I purchased the serum again”.

No7 Lash Serum before and after

Lilith notes, “The moment I applied the lash serum, my eye started to sting so badly that I had to wash my eye. I have a sensitive eye, so I think this is the reason. I don’t know if other people are facing the same problem or not. I am hopeful when I will apply the serum in the future, it won’t sting”.

No7 Lash Serum before and after

Kate mentions, “Hands down, No7 Lash Impact Lash Serum is one of the best serums I have ever tried. Even if it does not aid in making the eyelash longer, the serum does make the lashes stronger. Even my lash has become soft, supple, and shiny. I want to add that this is a very cost-effective lash serum available in the market”.

FAQs | No7 Lash Serum Reviews

Does the No7 eyelash serum work?

The No7 Lash Serum works effectively to strengthen the lashes and brows. It aids in improving the lash and brow hair follicle. The serum gets easily absorbed into the skin upon application and heals from within the skin root. The serum makes the lashes strong, soft, smooth, shiny, and darker.

How do you use the No7 eyelash serum?

Applying the lash serum is relatively easy. One should apply no7 Lash Serum along the lash line and on the brows. However, be careful not to use it too near the eye as it can drip down into the eye. If it enters the eye, immediately wash the eye with cold water. If the irritation continues, consult a doctor immediately.

Is No7 lash serum safe?

The No7 Lash Serum is hypoallergenic and contains natural ingredients free of baleful chemicals. But, some customers have reported irritation and skin discoloration after applying the serum.

Where to purchase the No7 eyelash serum?

The No7 Lash Serum can be purchased online from e-commerce websites such as Amazon and the company’s official website.

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Cessation | No7 Lash Serum Reviews

Finally, it’s now time to conclude the No7 Lash Serum Reviews. The lash serum, according to us, is efficacious and can improve your overall lash and brow health. Even if it cannot grow new hair, it improves the existing hair texture. Also, the cost of the lash serum falls under the budget and can be afforded by everyone. Want shiny, fuller-looking eyelashes? Then No7 Lash Serum is something you should try!

At the same time, be careful while applying the serum. Excessive application can have serious adverse effects. Precise application is the only way out. The enormous size of the applicator is the problematic element that is obstructing the serum from bagging all positive feedback. We can only be hopeful that the company considers modifying the applicator. We hope our review helped ease your confusion. If you still have anything to ask, please don’t avoid using the comment section. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

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