NYX Marshmallow Primer Review | Is The Hype Justified?

What is it about long-lasting primers that attract us? Primers are setting the foundation for your makeup. Every face needs a primer if you want your makeup to last long and stay the same. Primers in the market keep promising you all in one solution but do they deliver? Is it possible for a primer to perform multiple roles at once? In my opinion, the first thing about a primer that we should look at is the feel and the absorption power. I could care less about staying capacity as I don’t need my makeup to last for 16 hours. This NYX Marshmallow Primer Review will help you know every possible product detail and how it works. NYX has been delivering outstanding products forever, and this one is no exception.

NYX Marshmallow Primer review

A good 8-9 hour capacity is good enough if there is consistency. One primer has gained all the hype in the market and is selling out like crazy. The primer is a 10 in one solution which can pamper your skin in many different ways. If you run a google search on NYX Marshmallow Primer, you’ll be crazed by the amount of response the product is getting. So let’s get into the details and know all the information about it.

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NYX Marshmallow Primer Review | Is The Hype Justified?

NYX has come up with a 10 in 1 solution primer. How is the primer so great that it can multitask so well? The primer soothes, calms, and softens skin. You can wear makeup for almost 16 hours, now that’s a long time. It fixes the issue of uneven skin tone and gives you a single tone throughout your face. Texture can be a problem with makeup as it you can have patchy makeup if your primer is incompetent. Marshmallow primer can even out the texture of your skin and give you smooth touching skin. Anti-aging benefits are significant in primer as you can focus on your makeup when you know there are no visible signs of aging. 

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Marshmellow Smoothing Primer, Vegan Face Primer, 10-In-1 Skin Benefits
  • Smoothing Primer: This primer smoothes, softens, extends makeup wear for 16 hours, hydrates, soothes, evens tone, minimizes texture, blurs lines, adds a soft focus finish AND keeps makeup fresh
  • The Marshmallow Effect: This vegan, non comedogenic and dermatologist tested super primer is infused with marshmallow root extract for an oh so soft smooth canvas with 10 make up extending benefits
  • Face From Foundation To Finish: Complete your makeup look with our full line of NYX Professional Makeup face products to aid in color correction and coverage from blush, bronzer, foundations and contouring concealer to palettes and powders

Soft finish to your skin, not making your makeup look too heavy, and it feels light on your skin. It has a fantastic texture and feels smooth against your skin. Has marshmallow root extract, which is the prime ingredient for softness. It has the sweet marshmallow scent that we all so admire. Feels fluffy like a marshmallow—natural and skin-friendly ingredients which are toxins-free. One of the highlights is that this is a vegan product. There have been great reviews about the primer. We want to know if this is a blind craze or effective. Let’s get into the depths of it. 

NYX Marshmallow Primer Ingredients

Marshmallow root extract

Unfortunately, the ingredient is in no way related to marshmallows. The marshmallow plant is a different entity, and it is that root extract we’ll be talking about. The root of the marshmallow plant has intense hydrating, smoothing, and balancing properties. It contains a gel-like substance called mucilage which attracts and retains water.

NYX Marshmallow Primer review

Provides instant hydration and helps skin to maintain this moisture. Great for inflammation because it can reduce redness and eczema to an extent. Although it is proven to work on inflammation, you should always do a patch test to see if it suits your skin. Best for dry skin as it makes a barrier for the skin. Water retention increases skin elasticity and overall skin health. It heals the skin and makes it more challenging for exposure. 

Shea butter

Shea butter is a natural conditioner and contains fatty acids. It is a prevalent ingredient used in many skincare products. It has healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Rejuvenates and smooths your skin with the conditioning properties. It does not trigger any breakouts or allergies. It is a complete skin conditioner and works well for dry skin. Maintains skin moisture and keeps skin hydrated. There are no disadvantages to using shea butter on acne-prone skin, so you don’t have to worry about breakouts. 

NYX Marshmallow Primer review


Glycerin is a humectant. A humectant pulls water from the layer underneath it and brings it to the top layer of your skin. Glycerin is again a fantastic hydrant for the skin and works to provide it with moisture. Glycerin also helps you shed dead skin cells and has healing benefits. It has moisturizing properties and is not too harsh on the skin. Due to its mild effect, it is best suited to sensitive skin and does not irritate it. 

Why Should You Consider It?


Water retention in the skin makes your skin more plump and hydrated. Hydrated skin will always be soft and smooth. Due to the addition of so many hydrating and water-retaining ingredients, there is no doubt that your skin is bound to feel soft. The primer blends in your skin so well and makes your skin so soft. It soothes and softens your skin with a blend of hydrating ingredients. It makes skin look more plump and fresh throughout your makeup day. Marshmallow extract keeps your skin very soft and radiant throughout the day. 


It has anti-aging properties as it blurs outlines. It reduces all visible signs of aging and reduces the appearance of dark circles. Fine lines near the eye region and cheeks are perfectly camouflaged and blended. You don’t need to use any particular product to hide your aging signs, as your primer will also cover this. It blurs out the possibility of people guessing your age too!

NYX Marshmallow Primer review

Fluffy texture

Unlike other primers, it has a fluffy marshmallow-like consistency. Very easy to apply and feels lovely against your skin. It has a transparent finish and does not have any tint. You can use it in an average quantity, and you won’t have to worry about your makeup. A nice fluffy soft texture makes it even more appealing for us to get our hands on. 


NYX gives you a capacity for 16 hours. It claims that the primer can hold the makeup for a long 16 hours. However, 16 hours is a long time to wear makeup, and we don’t generally need to put on makeup for that long. Many reviews say it works effectively for 8-9 hours, and that’s the longest any user has reported. Staying power also depends on how you have layered your makeup and the amount of makeup you’ve applied.

You can expect your makeup to keep up the same throughout any party; 8 hours is long enough. It is still an achievement for a primer. As for me, the staying power does not matter to me; the feel and the hold of the makeup are the most essential. A good 8 hours of power is good enough. I think that’ll work for everyone unless any event needs you to be there for more than 8-12 hours. 

Even skin tone

The addition of glycerin and setting ingredients even out your skin’s tone. Skin could look patchy and uneven, which might make all your efforts on makeup go to waste. It gives you an even tone throughout the face, which matches your skin’s complexion. Fixes uneven skin surfaces by smoothing and making them feel plump and hydrated.


All the active ingredients in the primer are super hydrating and act as humectants. They all work for keeping skin hydrated and retaining moisture in the skin. When skin is hydrated, it has better elasticity, feels softer, and provides better healing. Moisture and water retention in the skin always promote healthier skin. Hydration is also essential for your makeup to hold for a longer time. Increased blood flow makes your skin look fresh and not dull. 


Although the primer is not related to marshmallows, the scent fortunately is. It has a sweet marshmallow scent. People who like such fragrances, they’ll love it. It is mild and not very overpowering. Even if you’re not a fan of sweet scents, you can still go for it. It will not be burdensome for you. 

Vegan Formula

Vegan formulas are the craze now. The vegan formulas are skin-friendly and are suited for people who have sensitive skin and allergies. The primer is vegan and made up of skin-friendly ingredients. 

Smooth Finish

It gives a very smooth and flawless finish and provides good coverage for your skin and a soft finish for your face. Also, it gives you a spotless glow and an even finish all across your face. 


The primer is cruel-free, and the product has not been tested on any animal. 


It does not clog your pores, so there are no chances of a breakout. 

Consumer studies

Consumer studies reveal a lot of user data that can prove all the claims that the company makes. 100% of people agree that the primer gives a smooth base for makeup application. 99% agree that their skin looks softer and smoother after four days of usage. 99% of people have decided that the primer has an overall satisfactory experience. 

Any Cons?

Not for oily skin: Users with oily skin claim that it does not blend well with the skin. It makes their skin more oily and greasy. This does not make a good makeup base for them. Greasy primers get patchy and uneven when you apply foundation. It gives your makeup a nasty look. 

Does not blend well: Many users have complained that the primer did not mix well and caused their makeup to fall off. This also has to do with the amount of primer you apply. If you use the right amount of primer, you won’t face any issues. 

How To Use NYX Marshmallow Primer? 

  • Apply primer after washing your face.
  • Apply a little moisturizer. 
  • Now take a pea-sized amount on your face and rub it with your fingers.
  • You can spread it with a brush too.
  • Blend it well within your face 
  • Apply foundation after applying the primer
  • Now you’re set for the next 16 hours!

Customer Ratings | Before and After | NYX Marshmallow Primer Review

Tara says, “NYX Marshmallow Primer is the best primer that I have bought in my life. My skin is dehydrated, and everything looks super flaky on my skin. Makeup only stays on for an hour or two, and I start looking like a clown after that. It seems very superficial, and I was looking for a perfect primer. Being a dry-skin gal, it is super hydrating for my face. My skin feels plump and fresh, even in makeup. Dry skin starts losing the makeup in some hours, and you begin looking dehydrated and flushed out. But since I started using the new primer, I feel so confident wearing makeup all the time. I love the mousse consistency. It retains moisture in the skin and makes your skin look tighter and more elastic.”

NYX Marshmallow Primer before and after

Leona says, “Oily skin always has extra maintenance, and I’m pretty used to it by now. Particular products suit my skin and have proven to be helpful. I bought the NYX Marshmallow Primer because I needed a new one. I loved the reviews and the consistency they were talking about. The first application was not very merry. I applied the primer and had to wait for a long time to get absorbed in my skin. I started using my foundation and makeup when it was a little wet, and I thought it would help set my makeup. There was still a greasy feeling that I had about the primer when I finished applying makeup. It took too long to absorb my skin and didn’t stay for as long as I desired.”

FAQs | NYX Marshmallow Primer Review

Can NYX Marshmallow Primer cover blemishes? 

The primer is good at covering inflammation and redness. It might cover blemishes along with the fine lines. There is good coverage for sure. 

When can you use NYX Marshmallow Primer?

You can use the primer after cleansing your face and applying moisturizer. That will give you maximum coverage and benefits of the primer.

Why should you use NYX Marshmallow Primer? 

You can use the primer for better coverage and soft skin. It gives you hydrated skin, and your makeup lasts for a very long time. It ensures healthy skin and makes a fantastic base for your makeup.

Where can you buy NYX Marshmallow Primer? 

You can buy the primer everywhere; it’s available and at some drug stores as well. Also, it’s available on all online sites, including Amazon, Sephora, etc. 

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Closure | NYX Marshmallow Primer Review

As we’ve come to the end of the NYX Marshmallow Primer Review, we can now say it is mind-blowing, and we cannot stop obsessing over it. It is compatible with all skin types and is very skin-friendly. We can finally establish that this primer is fantastic as a multitasker—hands down, one of the best products of NYX Cosmetics. There are no significant negatives about this vegan and non-comedogenic product. 

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