Pattern Hair Care Reviews | Did It Work? (Unbiased)

Being a wavy young lady with a curly mane usually tends to be hard to track down the right items to adjust your hair. Tracking down the correct product to keep your curly hair moisturized and in place without hauling them down and assisting them with keeping up the length without breakage can be a tedious task. So when Pattern Hair Care claims itself to be your curls’ best friend in such a scenario, your curiosity will surely boom up. And thus, you don’t need to wander around looking for unbiased Pattern Hair Care Reviews because, in this report, we’ll enlighten you with everything to quench your curiosity.

Pattern Hair Care Reviews

Back in September, Tracee Ellis Ross, the entertainer and Emmy champ dispatched a hair-care line called Pattern for wavy hair. It’s anything but a monstrous measure of support from wavy hair masters and big names the same. So, let’s begin if you have struggled to find a perfect hair product for your curly hair. 

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Pattern Hair Care Reviews 2021

Each curly-haired lady realizes that having the proper arrangement of items sets aside effort to choose, yet whenever you’ve tracked down the otherworldly combo, there’s no retreat. To help you put your bounciest, shiniest twists forward, Pattern has dispatched a broad scope of hair items that can assist you with accomplishing what you long for.

Popular Pattern Hair Products

Pattern Leave-in Conditioner Review

The Pattern Leave-In Conditioner treats the curls refreshingly and therapeutically. This lightweight equation is impressive after hair wash; this light equation is remarkable to feel the curls and add additional hydration while giving delicate curl definition. It highlights a mix of brilliant oils and nectar. It’s anything but a sweet botanical pith as scent.

Pattern Leave-in Conditioner Reviews

Why Should You Buy Pattern Leave-In Conditioner?

  • The Leave-in Conditioner smells heavenly. 
  • It has a lavish equation that feels like it’s genuinely getting in there for durable hydration and improved hair wellbeing.
PATTERN Beauty by Tracee Ellis Ross Leave-In Conditioner 3 fl oz - Rich Moisture for Curly, Coily and Tight-Textured Hair, 3a to 4c, Travel-Size, 3 fl oz
  • PATTERN's bestseller, the Leave-In Conditioner features a blend of oils, biotin and honey to help detangle, seal in moisture, and prevent unwanted frizz while giving soft curl pattern definition. A refreshing and restoring treatment for curls and coils.
  • A Leave-In Conditioner that seals in moisture, helps detangle and adds extra hydration while giving soft curl pattern definition.
  • Seals in moisture before or after styling. Great as a moisture-rich detangler. Works great under styling products such as gels or creams.


  • The leave-in conditioner is not the best for oily hair as it may increase dirt build-up.
  • Though the chances of having an allergic reaction are relatively low, if it irritates or burns the scalp, it is advised to rinse the scalp immediately. 

Pattern Hydration Shampoo

Pattern’s Hydration Shampoo helps twists and curls dance in a wash of fluid daylight. The delicate, saturating recipe delicately foams to scrub your hair and scalp, eliminating build-up and any dirt without stripping away dampness.

Pattern avoids brutal surfactants and incorporates saturating rich fixings like aloe vera, coconut oil, and nectar. It gives a more solid and hydrated look to the hair.


  • The shampoo comes out like silk and has a pearlescent look to it. 
  • Not at all like most other twist purging items, it foams up delightfully.


  • This shampoo is not suitable for all hair types, and it takes a little time to see the effects.

Pattern Curl Gel

Pattern Curl Gel is a fantasy for characterized, fun, and juicy curl look. The velvety, smooth recipe coasts on easily and offer life to loops with the sustenance. The gel contains Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, and Cacay Oil and makes the hair touchable and springy.


  • The product helps control frizz as the hair dries. 
  • It’s additionally extraordinary on the off chance that you need to free your hair of different products and go all-natural. 
  • It helps give the twists a sound bob and sparkle without giving it a too-amazing look.


  • These gels dehydrate the hair and scalp, thereby making the hair prone to breakage and fall.
  • Split ends, thinning, and discoloration of hair are also common side effects of using hair gels.

Pattern Styling Cream 

Pattern’s Styling Cream gives dampness to the scalp and has the best oil-rich, accessible hold when setting Curls-outs. It has ingredients including Shea butter, cacao oil, and sweet almond oil to sustain the hair and advance hair maintenance while forestalling breakage.

Pattern Styling Hair Cream Rich Moisture & Definition with Shea Butter for Natural Hair - Perfect for Curlies, Coilies and Tight Textures - 15 Fl. Oz
  • Curl Defining Cream - The PATTERN Styling Cream is infused with Shea butter, cacay oil and sweet almond oil that provides superior moisture penetration and the ideal oil-rich, touchable hold when setting twist-outs, braid-outs, bantu knots and more. Curls and styles stay defined in all the versatile looks various hair types can create.
  • Ideal for All Hair Types - Easy to use styling cream works well for all hair types as our styling cream provides long-lasting control with flexibility that lets you restyle throughout the day.
  • Great Moisturizer, Gives Your Hair a Good Sheen - With the help of PATTERN Styling Cream, it will keep your hair moist and shiny, and healthy looking with a nice fragrance as well, which makes ideal for those with hair prone to dryness and breakage.


  • After the principal splash itself gives a splendid outcome. 
  • The fragrance is radiant, and the actual fog is exceptionally light. 
  • It’s anything but an incredible occupation of resuscitating the twists.
  •  It very well may be prescribed to all wavy hair types, as it tends to be utilized each day.

Pattern Styling Cream Reviews


  • Too much application can make the hair look oily. 

Pattern Strong Hold Gel

Strong Hold Gel gives dependable hold without breaking hair or edges. Sea Moss, Aloe Vera, and Chia Seeds ingredients in the gel helps to sustain and strengthen twists; the gel surface has an inherent slip to convey through the hair effortlessly. It is ideal for a smooth look based on anyone’s personal preference and styles that need additional hold.


  • Pattern Curl Gel has a genuine distinct advantage. It’s anything but a fast twist, and it’s revived in the shower after two or three days.
  • Like the wide range of various items, the aroma is fresh and new.

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Customer Insights | Pattern Hair Care

Lisa is one of the customers of Patterns Hair Care, and she’s been using their products for quite a long time. She, in her review, declares the leave-in conditioner as her personal favorite. She says, “I have been using the Pattern Leave-In Conditioner for so long and I must tell you, it has been my favourite. This amazing conditioner makes my curls even more bouncier and soft. I recommend this to every curly woman out there looking for some real thing!”

Customer Reviews: Pattern Beauty

Anna also loves Pattern Hair Care, but she doesn’t use the Strong Hold Gel as she is allergic to some of its ingredients. She asserts, “I totally love Pattern, it makes my hair go from a no-no! To an entirely different stage. I had unmanageable curls that made me wanna hide them but now after using the Pattern Hair Care Range, I can confidently stand out in the crowd. Sadly, I can’t use the Strong Hold Gel as it contains chia seeds to which I’m allergic. Anyways, it’s an all time favorite brand for me.”

FAQs | Pattern Hair Care Reviews

Do Products Damage Hair?

Made so everybody could approach items that cause their wavy hair to feel hydrated and look incredible, it started with an assortment of shower-driven items, including a cleanser, conditioner, and shower brush. Thus, yes, Pattern items give a healthy look to your hair.

Is Pattern Hair Products Only for Black Hair?

Pattern Hair Care Products is suitable for all hair types and colors. There’s nothing to do with the color or texture of the hair. Pattern Hair Care nourishes curly hair and enhances its beauty. You can use Pattern Beauty on both white and black hair.

Is Pattern Hair Care Vegan?

Not all Pattern Hair Care products are entirely vegan, as some of them also contain honey. 

Where To Buy Pattern Hair Products?

You can buy Pattern Haircare products from the official Pattern website and other online stores like Amazon.

How to use pattern hair products? 


Apply to drenching wet, adapted hair equitably disseminating to all strands. 

Star tip: Cocktail in a couple of drops of Pattern Argan Oil Hair Serum with Leave-In Conditioner for an additional dampness help on wet hair. 

Likewise functions admirably on dry hair to tame flyaways and offer a light hold. 

Professional tip: Cocktail in a couple of drops of Pattern Jojoba Oil Hair Serum with Leave-In Conditioner for an additional dampness help and radiate on dry hair.

Do Pattern Products Damage Hair?

The products are reasonably priced and give a hydrated and healthy finish to the hair. The ingredients in the products are used to make the curls look softer and better. Pattern products do not harm the texture of the hair, but if you’re allergic to any of the components, you ought to stop using them. 

Are Pattern Hair Products Curly-Girl Approved?

The pattern products by Tracee Ellis Ross are developed especially for girls with curly hair and are curly girl approved.

Closure | Pattern Hair Care Reviews

Tracee Ellis Ross’ objective was to make more extraordinary quality excellence items available to more ladies in the equivalent. Let’s face it, regardless of your twist type, tracking down the right things that get the job done for you is never a simple cycle. It takes enormous loads of experimentation to take care of the hair business, and some of the time, it is hard to understand an item isn’t suitable for your hair type until it’s past the point of no return.

Pattern for hair-care is nothing but splendid. Pattern items have been figured with hydration and conditioning as the critical advantages of each item as wavy heads of hair can encounter the most difficulty holding dampness. The importance behind the name is tied in with accepting your regular hair design and lauding the special crimps and curls that accompany it. I hope the Pattern Hair Care reviews helped you make the right choice!