Pros and Cons of Acrylic Toenails

Have you ever thought about having perfectly painted toenails? If yes, then read ahead we have just a solution for your problems.  

Nail acrylics are a very hand accessory for your nails that can cover your nails and look very fashionable.

Pros and Cons of acrylic toenails

 Now, what are nail acrylics you may ask?

Acrylic nails are a mix of powder and liquid monomer that’s combined into a blob of dough, shaped onto your nails with a brush, and then air-dried. 

It’s often confused if we can use acrylic on our toenails or not. We can use them either on our hands or feet. It comes with a lot of care and handling, but sometimes it’s fashion over everything!

A little behind story of Acrylic Nails 

The meaning behind the name “acrylic” means made from acrylic resin. In simple terms, it’s a coating on your nails made of plastic dough which is later air-dried to make it look like fresh nails. 

Acrylic allows you to shape your nails, however, shape you like. It’s one of the best parts of getting them. 

There are many shapes you can go for e.g oval, round, square, and in any length you want. Acrylics demand a lot of care and if not done properly can damage your nails for good. It is something you need to keep an eye on to get them done properly and with the help of a professional. 

Acrylics are hard to find in stores but can be bought online sourced via Amazon or eBay. It is recommended to buy it from authentic manufacturers as they can be a bit heavy on the pocket. It is advised to do your research and then make a purchase. 

Different types of AcrylicsToenails

There are many different types of Acrylics but we have shortlisted ones we think are most popular and in demand. 

  • Oval: A round shape nail, with corners that curve inward. This is such a classic shape and looks great on all nail lengths.

With these types of nails, it’s important to keep your nail strong because oval shapes are more likely to break easily from the tip. 

The Oval shape looks good on all lengths but it looks most suitable with medium-length nails and narrow nail beds. The professionals tend to say, nail art looks the best on oval-shaped nails. 

  • Round: Straight from the side and round at the tip, the typical round acrylic look is the most popular of all types. 

Rounded nail beds look better with a round or soft square shape. It allows stylists to play around with the designs and add different types of art to the toenails. 

  • Square: A square-shaped nail with straight edges looks chic and it’s a very easy shape to be shaped. 

Short or long lengths both look equally good as the shape compliments the toes well. Nude or light color polishes are recommended to go with the shape or just a simple nail with patterns would do the trick as well.

Pros of wearing Acrylic Toenails 

There are many reasons why anyone would want to cover their toenails with acrylic nails. It is recommended to cover up your nails if your toenails are short, a bit damaged or there is no nail at all due to some accident. 

  • To cover up the nail: One of the most obvious reasons to get acrylics is to cover up the nail if damaged or if the nails are short.
  • Alternative solution: It’s a great alternative solution for not getting surgery on your nail if it does not look presentable. Of Course, go ahead with the surgery if it’s something serious but acrylics will do the cover-up job well. 
  • Looks cute: They look extremely cute and chic if done properly. As they are different from nail paints and chirp off as nail polishes do. They even last long as compared to nail polishes. A cherry on top would be if you got a really cute nail art on your toes. 

Cons of wearing Acrylic Toenails

  • Damage: Some beauty looks come with a compromise and acrylics are unfortunately one of them. They do the cover-up job well but can damage your natural-looking nails. It’s like dying your hair. The new color looks good but can affect your virgin hair. 
  • Lots of care: Acrylics demand lots of care and it should be sought professionally. If you have an acrylic pedicure kit then only you can remove them properly but if you are new to this then it’s recommended to get it done at a salon. 

How to remove Acrylic Toenails

As mentioned before, “take care of your acrylic nails’ ‘ is something people take for granted and or forget to do regularly. Acrylic nails need filling after 2 weeks or so as the nail color seems to start fading or sometimes a person is just bored with the same color. 

There are simple steps to take while you are taking care of your acrylic nails. Simply wash your toenails with a cream cleanser and make sure to use warm water as cold water can trap air bubbles. Then dap your feet with a towel just pat dry them a little. The key is water must go through every toenail so that your cuticles are bacteria-free. After that use a good moisturizer to keep your toenails and ankles hydrated. 

You can use a cuticle remover as well to get rid of all the debris inside the toenail and on the side or just simply use a cotton bud. 

The removal is very similar to the nail polish procedure as you need to soak your toenail in acetone until the acrylic is soft enough to be removed gently. It’s best to go to a saloon for removal as doing it at home can damage your nail bed.

Ending thoughts

Acrylic toenails are a thing and people are really into it! You can purchase the kit and do it at home or a saloon but remember to take care of them as they demand a lot of care. There are even tutorials on how to apply acrylic nails at home but make sure you are confident about it or the procedure can get a bit tricky which can end up having a bacterial infection of your toenails. 

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