Silly George Lash Serum Reviews | The Secret To Healthy Lashes?

How do you care for your eyelashes?

Applying a good quality mascara is a wise choice we need to make for nourishing your eyelashes.

Using mascara daily can be harmful to your lashes.

Eyelashes also shed, and they might get thinner due to the repeated use of cosmetics on them.

Another considerable controversy is that cutting or trimming eyelashes makes them grow thicker and fuller.

That might be true for hair in other areas, but it is not valid for eyelashes.

It takes 6-8 weeks for eyelashes to grow back if cut or trimmed.

That’s when eyelash serums come to the rescue.

One such serum to improve the growth and thickness of the eyelashes is the Silly George Lash Serum.

We’ve curated this report after compiling several Silly George Lash Serum Reviews. 

Silly George Lash Serum Reviews

It might take longer if eyelashes are tugged and get uprooted from the follicle.

We can take care of our lashes by maintaining a good diet and consuming hair-boosting supplements.

But is there a better and guaranteed solution?

Silly George Lash Serum is the way to go here. Let’s get into it.

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Silly George Lash Serum Reviews | Does It Work?

What do we know about the Silly George Brand?

Silly George is an eye beauty brand, and its primary area of focus is your eye.

Their eyelash serum is the talk of the town due to its popularity and effectiveness.

The products they manufacture and sell are unique and one of a kind.

They involve no hassle of using, storing, and longevity of their products.

It does not include any painful glue or the hassle of application and removal—vegan products that do not involve animal testing, which is cruelty-free. 

Silly George Eyelash Growth Serum, Lash Serum for Eyelash Growth, Thicker, Fuller, Longer Eyelashes & Bold Eyebrows, Premium Eyelash Serum, Lashes & Brows Enhancer, Lash Growth Serum (3ml, 0.1 Fl. oz)
  • Lengthen and Volumize: Thin lashes? Look no further. Our serum is formulated to give you naturally long, thick, dramatic lashes. Our nourishing eyelash growth serum encourages new lash growth while strengthening existing hairs for bold, dramatic eyes in just a few weeks.
  • Breakthrough Technology: It works by activating the hair follicle to promote rapid growth of eyelashes, making them grow longer, thicker, and fuller. This very same serum also toughens up the epidermal junction (where the lash grows out of the eyelid), helping prevent the newly grown eyelashes from falling out.
  • Uses: If you’re looking to plump up your lash line, or even if your lashes are in bad shape from lash extensions or lash glue. Our carefully chosen ingredients are non-irritating, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. Silly George Eyelash Growth Serum has been tested and approved by labs and clinics, making it safe and worry-free for daily use.

The eyelash serum is reusable to the boot.

They do not believe in ‘ No Pain, No Gain’; instead, Silly George thinks you should cherish beauty products.

The eyelash serum nourishes and strengthens your eyelashes.

It makes them thicker and fuller.

The serum has a newly created formula that aims to grow your lashes to their full potential naturally.

It contains active ingredients which promote lash growth from the follicle.

Your wait for dramatic and long lashes is finally over. 


Here are some of the unique ingredients in the blend that will help your eyelash become fuller and thicker. 

Sodium Chloride

It is a lesser-known fact that salt also aids in hair growth.

Salt is responsible for naturally stimulating hair follicles to develop your hair. Salt increases the speed of hair growth too. 

Benzalkonium chloride

Benzalkonium chloride is a preservative and antimicrobial agent.

It works by killing microorganisms and preventing them from growing further.

In cosmetics, this ingredient is to prevent them from spoiling.

However, there are some side effects of this ingredient.

Short-term effects cause irritation and corrosion to your eyes.

They don’t show unless added in significant amounts and used more than the prescribed amount.

Long-term exposure can lead to dermatitis if repeatedly exposed. 

EPM biological enzyme

This is the ingredient responsible for the magic.

It is the active ingredient in the blend because this EPM consists of 10 amino acids.

Amino acids aid and promote hair growth.

The increased protein in hair is the building block of hair.

Amino acids also repair hair damage.

The active ingredient must be vital enough to stimulate the growth of your hair follicles from the root. 

Myristoyl Pentapeptide-4

It is a blend of fatty acids, peptides, and amino acids, and this is one of the most common ingredients in most eyelash growth serums.

Proteins and peptides make up the components of your hair.

Both these active ingredients are common for many growth serum formulas. 

Citric Acid

Citric acid is present in all citrus fruits like lemon, orange, lime, grapes, tomatoes, etc. It is acidic and also works as a preservative.

Citric acid has widespread use in many cosmetic and beauty products.

It increases blood circulation in the hair follicles, which helps stimulate growth. Thus, increasing the rate of hair growth. It nourishes your hair follicles.

Citric acid also removes all the dead skin cells, clog pores. Also, it contains anti-oxidizing properties, which strengthen hair follicles.

It prevents breakage and thinning of hair. We must remember that excess citric acid can cause your hair to be weak and promote hair breakage. 

Silly George Lash Serum Reviews

Cellulose Gum

Cellulose gum is a natural thickening agent that improves your eyelashes’ appearance. It improves the texture and the appearance of your lashes.

It also increases the useful life of the product. Enhances the firmness of your hair texture when it is present in hair-inducing products.

Protects your hair by developing a thin coating on your hair. It makes hair soft and smooth.  


  • The active ingredients present in the serum stimulate the hair follicles and bud growth from the inside. What the serum does is that it nourishes and stimulates the hair follicles with proteins, so that hair development begins faster and better.
  • Not only can you use the serum for your eyelashes, but it is compatible and beneficial for your eyebrows as well. 
  • Silly George promises that you’ll be able to notice the results in a week. Although users say that the results can be best visible in 3-6 weeks. Although some users say that they could not see noticeable results before two months.
  • Toxins, Parabens, and Sulfate-Free 
  • It does not contain any allergenic or harmful ingredients which prove to be reactive for your eyelashes. 
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free 
  • Also, work as hypoallergenic and non-reactive to any bacteria. 
  • Dermatologist and Clinically Tested
  • Easy To Apply 
  • Affordable
  • Ingredients contain active ingredients that promote and stimulate hair growth, and also, the elements increase the shelf life of the product. 
  • Thicker Eyelashes 
  • It stimulates hair growth and strengthens eyelash hair. 
  • Strengthens eyelashes from the follicle and nourishes them from within. 
  • Provides hair-loving and boosting benefits with the help of the serum for the healthy growth of eyelashes. 

Silly George Lash Serum Reviews


Darkening: Some users have reported the darkening of the eyelids and the eye region. This is generally because some people have sensitive skin and the active ingredients react to their skin. 

Dryness: The dryness of the eyes and the region surrounding your eyes is pretty standard. Many customers have complained that they have been experiencing dryness near the eyes since they have started using the serum regularly. 

Redness and itchiness: Redness and itchiness near your eyes are pretty widespread among users who use the serum repeatedly for an extended period. 

How To Use Silly George Lash Serum? 

  • When applying the serum, remember not to irritate your eyes in getting the serum in your eyes. 
  • Apply the serum near your eyelashes with the help of the applicator brush.
  • Apply it twice a day and twice a week after reaching your desired lashes length. 
  • There are no other complex instructions for the application, and you can easily apply them. 

Customer Ratings | Silly George Lash Serum | Before and After 

Abigail says, “My eyelashes have always been scarce since my teens. My mother carries the same genes, which have been passed onto me. I have been getting embarrassed by my eyebrows and eyelashes due to their limited growth. In the pandemic, I started using the Silly George Lash Serum. This has proven to be the best eyelash serum for the thicker and strong growth of the eyelashes. Your eye region looks fuller and much more attractive. I have been using the serum for a long time, seeing the noticeable benefits. This has been one of my best decisions, and I have not regretted it. The only thing is to continue the use of the serum for continuous and visible benefits.” 


Manila says, “I have been using the eyelash serum for about three months now, and I have noticed a difference. I have experienced tremendous redness and darkening in the eye region. Dark eyelids are a regular thing now. I regretted using the serum, but my eyelashes and eyebrows have grown in number. I cannot decide the balance of the pros and cons, but I have mixed experience. There have been both pros and cons in my basket. Try and decide for yourself.”

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FAQs | Silly George Lash Serum Reviews

Is Silly George Lash Serum safe? 

Yes, absolutely Silly George Lash serum is highly safe to use for all age segments. 

Does Silly George Lash Serum work? 

Silly George Lash Serum works for women who want dramatic lashes soon and do not wish to apply extensions or falsies.

It stimulates the growth of lashes from the roots and aims to give you fuller, thicker lashes. 

How long does Silly George Lash Serum last? 

Silly George Lash Serum should be in your regimen for almost a month.

After achieving the desired length of your lashes, you can start using the serum twice a week.

Although the effect of this serum only lasts until you use it. It will stop working, and your eyelashes will return to their original length when you don’t apply the serum anymore. 

Why should one use Silly George Lash Serum? 

One can use Silly George Lash Serum if your face eyelash hair falls and you want fuller, thicker lashes naturally.

After using these, you won’t need any falsies or extensions.

Use the serum twice a day for noticing sooner and better results. At this pace, you will see results in 3-4 weeks.


Silly George Lash Serum Reviews are the best in the segment.

It has proven itself to be the most used and most popular eyelash serum, giving you thicker and fuller lashes and you can also purchase it from Amazon.

Both the advantages and disadvantages balance out and give you a commendable formula. Easy to apply and noticeable results earlier than most of the eyelash serums. 

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