SLMD Skincare Reviews | Do We Vouch for It?

People are gaining awareness regarding skincare day by day as it has proved beneficial in the long run. While we equip ourselves with self-care routines in minor ways, taking good care of our skin is also starting to play a role. Our skin can wear and tear because of various life stressors, environmental factors, and genetics. Therefore, finding a remedy for it is of utmost importance. For many decades multiple companies have designed products that aim to find a solution to skin problems. Our report based on true SLMD Skincare reviews will help you understand where this brand stands when compared to its competitors and if this is the one you can finally trust blindly.

SLMD Skincare Reviews

Skincare products are often formulated with uniquely handpicked ingredients and have features that help to control further skin breakouts. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and should be taken care of in every way possible. It is an investment that will make a difference in the long run, and hence, it should be a well-thought-out choice. Thus it becomes necessary to understand what SLMD Skincare offers before making a final decision. 

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SLMD Skincare Reviews | Just Another Luxury Brand?

Established by Sandra Lee, also known as Dr. Pimple Popper, in 2017, the skincare company has developed solutions for common skin concerns. SLMD Skincare believes dermatology is accessible to everyone and tries to bridge the gap and create the scope for users to find products easily in their reach. They focus on addressing skin problems like any doctor would and, in the process, make users confident about their looks and be aware of how to maintain a good skin condition.

SLMD Skincare

A solution for skin conditions that commonly appear covers acne, scars and dark spots, skin irritation, dry skin, and many more. SLMD Skincare has designed its products with scientifically proven ingredients that help to make a difference. But even though the company claims to bring unique and effective products, is this skin brand users’ first choice? Let us find out.

The Best Of SLMD Skincare 2021

SLMD designs its products to suit individuals of all age groups and skin types. However, children under the age of 12 are advised to consult a pediatrician before using these products. SLMD Skincare also does not claim its products to be vegan as of now. The different effects available include sunscreen, moisturizers, spot treatment, toners, and many more. Let us have a look at some of the popular products by this brand.

SLMD Skincare Salicylic Acid Cleanser

Salicylic Acid Cleanser by SLMD Skincare aids in making the skin fresh and clean. It can be used twice a day, primarily during the morning and night. It works well to reduce the dryness of the skin and remove dirt and dead skin, along with oil that might appear on pores. Further, it also prevents clogged pores from turning into acne. A few ingredients that play a vital role in the cleanser include salicylic acid, green tea extract, and oat extract. Salicylic acid essentially has anti-inflammatory properties that help to fight acne. Green tea extract prevents aging and moisturizes the skin.

All the elements have been well-chosen to bring forward benefits, absorb the bacteria on the skin and reduce redness. Despite the benefits, for many users, it has not been an ideal product. Along with being expensive, many have complained about their skin condition getting worse after using this product. It has given way to dryness and irritation.

Perks of SLMD Salicylic Acid Cleanser

  • Cleans the face giving a refreshing look
  • Prevents clogged pores from turning into acne
  • Reduces redness and remove bacteria
  • Moisturizes the face

SLMD Salicylic Acid Cleanser

Cons of SLMD Salicylic Acid Cleanser

  • Expensive 
  • Some users claim that it does not live up to its promise

SLMD Skincare Acne System Kit

SLMD Skincare has acne system kits that make it easier to follow a routine to help cure acne at every stage. This kit makes it easier to follow the steps and includes a salicylic acid cleanser, BP lotion, retinol serum, and facial moisturizer. The cleanser helps to keep the face clean and tackle whiteheads and blackheads. The BP lotion essentially kills bacteria that cause acne. Retinol serum tries to reduce the appearance of dark spots, pores, and also uneven texture. Lastly, the facial moisturizer gives the skin a glow and hydrates it well. This kit is available in two sizes of 30 days and 60 days, priced at $**and $***.

The crucial ingredients of the products in this kit include salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinol, and vitamin C. They help to protect the skin at every step and give it a refined look. This acne system kit is also suitable for all skin types: oily, dry, combination, or sensitive. Even though this kit is almost like a dealbreaker bringing forward a systemized way of handling acne, it has specific problems. This acne kit can increase skin breakout leading to side effects such as skin irritation and burning. Solid elements used to make the products in the kit are the prime cause of such reactions.

Pros of SLMD Acne System Kit

  • A kit with four products that helps to cure acne at every step
  • Systematic way of reducing acne
  • Available in two sizes based on convenience
  • Suitable for all types of skin

SLMD Skincare Acne System Kit

Cons of SLMD Acne System Kit

  • Possible side effects such as skin irritation and swelling 
  • Formulated with strong chemicals that can be harmful to the skin

SLMD Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15

The Daily Moisturizer by SLMD combines the power of moisturizing and giving sun protection with SPF 15. To be specific, it helps to protect the skin from the harmful rays of UVA and UVB. This moisturizer also aids in preventing signs of aging along with keeping the face hydrated. Formulated keeping in mind acne-prone skin, this is an oil-free and lightweight product. Some of the key elements that help make a difference in this product are vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea extract, and allantoin. They all play a unique role in protecting the skin from various environmental stressors, including UV rays, and giving your skin a soft and soothing texture.

Coming to the disadvantages of this product, many users claim that it is not as lightweight as it claims to be. The consistency of the moisturizer is a little thick, making it difficult to use it, especially during summers. It also has a typical unpleasant odor found in most sunscreens.

Pros of SLMD Daily MoisturizerSLMD Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15

  • Oil-free product suitable for acne-prone skin
  • Prevents signs of aging
  • Protects the skin from harmful UV rays
  • Moisturizes dry skin

Cons of SLMD Daily Moisturizer

  • Unpleasant odor
  • Does not have a thin consistency making it difficult to apply on the face, especially during summers

SLMD Dark Spot Fix

Made with a triple threat combination of hydroquinone, salicylic acid, and kojic acid, the SLMD Dark Spot Fix is a lightweight gel. Kojic acid helps prevent future pigmentation from taking place, hydroquinone aids in improving the look of dark spots, and lastly, salicylic acid exfoliates the skin. SLMD’s Dark Spot Fix is the ideal solution to enhance dark spots’ overall appearance, giving way to an even-looking skin tone. There is no added fragrance in the product. This Dark Spot Fix is suitable for dry, combination, and oily skin. It has also been influential on different human body areas that experience problems like dark spots due to sun damage, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and liver spots.

SLMD Dark Spot Fix

Looking at the downfalls of the product, it is not helpful for under-eye circles caused due to swelling or thinning of the skin. Dark Spot Fix by SLMD has also not been designed to treat rosacea which is the enlargement of facial blood vessels, and if it’s used for this problem, it can give way to skin irritation. If the solution gets into the eye, it can give way to eye swelling, redness, and irritation.

Pros of SLMD Dark Spot Fix

  • Suitable for dry, oily, and combination skin
  • Triple threat combination that has various benefits
  • Effective on different parts of the human body

 Cons of SLMD Dark Spot Fix

  • May give way to severe irritation if it comes in contact with the eyes
  • Not very useful for under-eye circles
  • Not designed to treat rosacea

SLMD Skincare Alternatives 

While deciding on a beauty product, it is imperative to skim through alternatives, so be aware of what different brands offer and choose between options. Below we have a list of other possibilities to SLMD Skincare that can help you get closer to your final choice.

SLMD Skincare VS Proactiv

Proactiv essentially addressed skin problems related to acne and was the first brand to revolutionize healthy skin. The active ingredient of this brand is benzoyl peroxide which is beneficial in fighting acne. The clinically proven ingredients have been backed up by science to make skincare both easy and treat the skin, making it stronger. Some of the hyped-up products by this brand that have received a lot of appreciation include their 3 Step Acne Treatment, Hydrating Facial Toner, and Proactiv Acne Cleanser.

When compared to SLMD Skincare, Proactiv has been noticed to be more popular amongst users. But it is pretty expensive when compared to SLMD, whose products are reasonable.

SLMD Skincare VS Rodan and Fields

Rodan and Fields, like SLMD Skincare, have introduced products that address different skin problems like acne, pores, and dry skin. Their mission to provide life-changing skincare to users is seen through innovative products like face masks, serums, sun protection, and many more. Past users’ recommended products include Deep Exfoliating Wash, Overnight Restorative Cream, and Redefine Daily Cleansing Mask. With its groundbreaking technology, this skin company brings forward visible results.

Looking at the comparison between SLMD Skincare VS Rodan Fields, the latter has received more recognition for bringing forward results that make a genuine difference.

Customer Insights | SLMD Skincare Reviews

SLMD Skincare reviews on platforms like Reddit suggest that while many find it has helped improve their skin condition, many have said it has not done a good job and thought it to be a waste of money. Let us look at some SLMD Skincare before and after reviews to get a better idea about the brand.

Jennie comments, “Being 60+, I have been frustrated with all the blackheads and whiteheads that keep appearing on my skin. SLMD products, especially the acne system kit, have helped me control it to a large extent. I can also notice a difference in slowing down visible signs of aging, and I am quite delighted about that. The skin products are affordable at a cost-effective price and formulated with thoughtful ingredients. After using SLMD, I don’t think I can turn to any other brand. At the same time, I wish that it did not give way to any side effects. I experienced skin swelling for the first five days, but it went away with time.“

SLMD Before & After

Sophia says, “I have tried SLMD Skincare, and it’s been quite an uplifting journey so far. I’ve had skin breakouts for as long as I can remember, so I have tried quite a few products, but nothing has worked for me the way this brand has. I found all the products to be very gentle on my skin, and they did not give way to any irritation or redness. They have also helped to reduce acne and prevent the formation of new ones. However, the only problem is that I wish the company would reduce the content of salicylic acid as at times I have noticed skin peeling, which creates further problems.”

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FAQs | SLMD Skincare Reviews

Is SLMD Skincare Good?

SLMD Skincare products on the official website have received an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars. Customer reviews about the brand suggest that it lives up to its promise and gives way to clear and smooth skin.

Is SLMD Skincare Cruelty-Free?

Yes. SLMD Skincare is cruelty-free. The products are not tested on animals.

Where is SLMD Sold?

The products are readily available at beauty stores. If you are looking for e-commerce websites that sell products by this brand, there is Amazon, Target, eBay, and even SLMD Skincare official website, to name a few that sell the skincare products.

Are SLMD Skincare Products Safe To Use?

Yes, SLMD Skincare products are safe to use. However, like any beauty brand, the ingredients used to formulate the products do not suit you well, giving way to mild side effects such as allergies or irritation. However, nothing serious has been reported so far. The brand also claims it is safe to use the products if one has Melasma. But at the same time, it is vital to use sun protection either way. Users who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult a doctor before using the products.

Cessation | SLMD Skincare Reviews

SLMD Skincare offers a wide variety of options that help to serve different skin concerns. Designed by a dermatologist, this skin company addresses skin problems that most of us experience at some point or the other. The ingredients used to formulate these products have been carefully chosen to meet the different needs and benefit the skin at giant. However, like any brand, this one, too, is not entirely free of problems. Side-effects like swelling and irritation, for instance, are possible.

SLMD Skincare reviews will bring to your focus what this brand has to offer and if it is worth it. This report specifically aimed at making you aware that the brand truly lives up to its expectations. While we would say it mostly does, there are several problems with the brand too. Your choice of opting for the brand will depend on if you resonate with this brand the most. We hope you think it through and make a wise choice. If you want to ask us anything further, do drop a message below. Our team will get back to you at the earliest.

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