Tao Facial Brush Reviews | Efficiently Breaking The Stereotype?

Cleansing the face and stripping off all the dirt, impurities, and grimes can be an arduous task. Washcloth, scrub, and regular cleanser are not an apt pick for everyday cleansing. Thanks to the invention of the cleansing brush, cleaning the face happens in a snap. Some people believe that they can’t incorporate a cleaning brush into a skincare routine as it is not a traditional skincare product, but truth be told, they are utterly wrong. Hence, to help you get a start at a cleansing brush, we present an unbiased and honest version of the best Tao Facial Brush Reviews.

Tao Facial Brush Reviews

Facial cleansing brushes help a person in several ways. Using a facial cleansing brush may seem challenging, but it isn’t. It is pretty simple; all you need to do is place the brush on your face and rub it in a circular motion, and the rest is done itself. Amid many such products available, Tao Facial Brush has been making a lot of buzzes recently. Let us find out if it is really worth the fame or not.

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Tao Facial Brush Reviews | Should You Buy It?

Based in Southern California, TAO expanded as The Art of Clean is the said electric facial cleansing system maker. In 2014, TAO stepped into the beauty market with a clear and simple vision; to make life and beauty effortless while maintaining integrity. The TAO Clean Team is highly innovative in their thinking, and since its inception, they have been creating edge-free products. The ONA Diamond Facial Brush is TAO’s effort to save money and time. The facial brush is made from high-quality bristles to deliver a spa-worthy cleaning at home. It has a unique sleek, diamond-shaped design that comes in multiple aesthetic colors. Also, it has two modes; Super Clean and Sensitive Clean. You can adjust the speed according to your convenience. TAO Facial Brush is unlike any other facial brush available in the market for its unique design and feature and can remove dirt, oil, makeup, dead skin cells from the skin without you putting any effort.

TAO Clean Ona Diamond Orbital Facial Brush and Cleansing Station, Electric Face Cleansing Brush with Ergonomic Handle, Dual Speed Settings, Black
  • FACE CLEANSER SYSTEM: Upgrade your daily skincare routine with the TAO Clean Orbital Facial Brush and Cleansing Station. The ergonomic waterproof brush handle fits perfectly in your hand as the soft bristles spin away dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells.
  • PATENTED DOCKING STATION: The TAO Clean’s patented docking technology ensures your face brush is always clean and charged. The built-in dryer keeps your brush dry and mildew-free and the 360º Halo Lamp kills 99.9% of germs and pathogens with UV-C light.
  • DUAL SPEED SETTINGS: Pick the setting that’s perfect for your skin. The TAO Clean face cleanser has dual settings (Super Clean Mode & Sensitive Clean Mode) and a timer so you can customize the best routine for your skin type.

In addition to these features, the facial cleanser also minimizes the appearance of pores, stimulates blood pressure, and tightens the skin. Also, the device is antibacterial, shower-proof, and waterproof. What comes in the box of the facial cleanser is one ONA Facial Brush Handle, UV Charging Base Station, Daily Care Brush Head, and AC/DC Power Adapter and Cable. The brush includes a patented UV-C charging station that can kill 99.9% of germs. The Base Station sterilizes the head of the brush after use and keeps it safe. The inbuilt heater automatically dries the brush. TAO also provides a two-year warranty on the Facial Brush. The brand claims that along with cleansing, they also offer exfoliation. It reduces swelling and makes the skin soft and smooth. TAO Facial Brush is suitable for all skin types, and because the bristles are soft, you don’t have to worry about it irritating your skin.

Tao Facial Brush

Why Should You Use a TAO Clean Ona Diamond Orbital Facial Brush?

Removes Everything From The Face: The TAO Facial cleansing Brush has soft bristles that can remove everything from the face, right from dirt, grime, pollutants, dead skin cells, excess oil, makeup to breakout-causing acne. Also, the brush gently cleanses the face without making it dry or rough. For people with sensitive skin, TAO Facial Brush has a unique sensitive brush included.

Easy And Convenient To Use: TAO Facial Brush operates through electricity, and therefore, the effort put by you to cleanse your face is almost negligible. The brush is lightweight and suitable for cleaning the face in a sweeping motion. All you need to do is rub the brush on your face. It can easily reach up to the area beside the nose, the nooks, and the crannies of the face.

Available In Multiple Colors: TAO ONA Diamond Facial Brush comes in a new, improved, sleek design. It has a diamond pattern and is available in multiple colors to choose from. The colors in which the facial brush is available are Deep Space Black, Deja Blue, Orange Julep, Robin’s Egg Blue, Rose Gold, Suave Mauve, and Super Nova White.

Patented Docking Technology: TAO Diamond Facial Cleansing Brush has a Patented Docking Station that is unique to TAO Clean. Through this Docking Technology, TAO always ensures that the brush head is ready for use; it is clean and charged. The halo lamp makes sure that the brush is thoroughly cleansed through a UV-C Light to kill all the germs and the inbuilt dryer ensures that the brush is dry after every use.

Gentle on the Skin: TAO Facial Brush is suitable for every skin type. The brush is soft enough not to cause any irritation or potential side effects like swelling, rash, redness, burning, etc. Also, the cleaning brush does not cause breakout on acne-prone skin.

Perks Of This Facial Brush

  • Two speeds; super clean and sensitive clean
  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Does not require a battery to get operatedTao Facial Brush
  • Unique germ-killing feature
  • Brush dries, cleans, and charges itself after every use automatically
  • Water and shower-proof
  • Two-year warranty
  • Thoroughly cleanses the face
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Brightens the dull skin
  • TAO Clean notifies you when it is time to replace the brush head

Drawbacks Of This Facial Brush

  • Expensive
  • Not travel-friendly

Tao Facial Brush Before and After | Customer Reviews

Erin says, “I have sensitive skin and have been looking for something that actually works on my skin. While randomly scrolling through YouTube one day, I saw Tao Facial Brush. After using the brush for fifteen days, I am sure that this brush is a good choice for people with sensitive skin. The brush removes all the dirt and leaves my skin feeling so soft. I have a bad memory, and I am thankful that I don’t have to put the brush on charge every time, and it is always ready for use.”

Mia says, “I received TAO Facial Brush as a Christmas gift last year. Now, I have stopped using any cleanser and instead use this brush. It is a terrific way of washing the face like it removes every speck of dust from every nook of the face. However, the bristles of the brush are a bit rough, not much, though. Sometimes, the bristles do irritate a bit. But overall, this brush is a fine choice.

Alex says, “I ordered a Tao Facial Brush online and received it within a week. First, the packaging of the facial brush is cute, and I received a coupon for brush replacement. I’ve been using the brush for two months, and my experience so far is excellent. It is beneficial for thorough cleansing of the face. No doubt that the Tao Facial Brush is amazing. But, the price is steep. I mean, not everyone can afford to buy it.”

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FAQs | Tao Facial Brush Reviews

How do you use a TAO Facial Brush?

TAO ONA Facial Brush is easy to use; all you need to do is follow simple steps. First, dampen the brush head and apply a pea-sized amount of face cleanser. Now, switch on the power button. Now, hold the brush and slowly rub the brush on your face in a circular motion on the area where you want to cleanse your face. The brush will automatically stop when it is time to move to another place. When the brush turns off, wash the brush under running water. Now, place back the brush in the station, and the brush will automatically get cleaned, dry, and sanitized through the UV-C light.

Where can I buy Tao Facial Brush?

You can purchase the Tao Facial Brush from any online e-commerce website like Amazon. Also, one alternative place to buy the facial brush is from TAO Clean’s official website. The brush comes with a two-year warranty and 45 days no-question-asked return and refund policy.

Is TAO Facial Brush waterproof?

Yes, Tao Facial Brush is waterproof and shower-proof, and you can easily use it in your washroom without worrying about the cleansing brush getting damaged.

Cessation | Tao Facial Brush Reviews

Finally, we feel it is time to pronounce our verdict and wrap up the Tao Facial Brush Reviews. TAO Clean, the maker of TAO ONA Facial Brush, believes in transparency and integrity. Their motto is clear; to help before making the process of beauty easy. The facial cleanser has improved its look, and now it has a new and improved look that is diamond-shaped and has multiple colors. The facial cleansing brush is effortless in operation and can remove stubborn dirt, grime, and everything. The brush is gentle and has soft bristles that do not clog pores and cause irritation. On social media, people have showered love on the facial brush.

Also, there are some limitations of the Tao Facial Brush. The facial brush is not compactable enough for traveling. Alternatively, the facial brush has a Patented docking System that automatically cleans, dry, and sanitizes the brush after every use. This is done through an exceptional Halo Lamp that has UV-C light. Also, the brush has a two-speed system, Super Clean and Sensitive Clean, and you can adjust the speed according to your need. In our view, Tao Facial Cleansing Brush is an apt choice for deep cleaning of the face, but the cleansing brush is pricey. We hope our review served the purpose of helping you and making you clear about the brush. If you still have any more questions, please feel free to ask us in the comment box. We promise to get back to you super soon.