Westmore Beauty Reviews | Hollywood’s Go-To Beauty Brand?

We look at the beauty and glamour that surrounds the world of media. Do you ever look at the beautiful photographs and wish something similar for you? Now, no matter what, you mustn’t forget that you are perfect the way you are. However, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to achieve a specific look. Fortunately, an abundance of makeup brands helps you accomplish that with just a dab, stroke, or swatch. We’re about to find out from the best Westmore Beauty reviews if it’s part of this embellished crew, too or if it’s a scam.

Westmore Beauty Reviews

When a beauty brand has been in the game since the 1950s, we can say that they’ve certainly been doing something right. From being Hollywood’s first makeup and hair tie-up brand to inventing false eyelashes, they’ve got a lot in their satchel. However, are they still as marvelous and unstoppable as before? Are they accustomed to the new age “safe beauty” techniques yet? Keep reading to discover the answers!

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Westmore Beauty Reviews | From Hollywood To You?

Makeup is more than just a way of concealing your insecurities. In fact, it is a remarkable source of creative liberation for many. Westmore Beauty had figured this long ago and was at the top of the game for ages. However, at the onset of the beauty influencers’ streak of makeup brands, they drifted away. Regardless, quite a few A-list celebrities prefer their products these days too.

Westmore Beauty

Westmore made access to beauty easy for everyone. Now, you can achieve the same look as the divas on the screen and flaunt it the way you want. The question here is – Is it worth it, though? Let us weigh in their range of products, pros, and cons, before and after reviews, ingredients, etc. to know the same

6 Best Westmore Beauty Products

Westmore offers products under various categories, including concealers, eye masks, foundations, mascara, etc. Additionally, they also have a complete regimen for body care. There are very few brands that release these products in the market. We’ve wrung the market and found the best products featured in this article based on their rankings.

The Best Of Westmore

60-Second Eye Effects Firming Gel

The condition of your eye is a direct indicator of brain health. The optic nerve has a significant role to play in psychometrics as a whole. If the skin surrounding it is damaged, you mustn’t be surprised that your eye is adversely affected. The under-eye skin is extremely fragile, and many Westmore Beauty Eye Effects Firming Gel Reviews state that it can help with the problem.

Westmore Beauty 60-Second Eye Effects Firming Gel
  • Combination of moisturizing agents and color correctors.
  • A breakthrough wrinkle-reducing serum featuring exclusive Flex-Tensor Technology
  • Instantly reduce the appearance of puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, and under-eye circles

The constant pressure on your eye can cause fluids to collect under the eye and give you the bags. The Westmore 60-Second Eye Effects Firming Gel eliminates the heat and causes these fluids to evaporate eventually. Once they disappear, it does the job of tightening the skin. Moreover, the tinted formula works as a concealer. Ascorbyl Palmitate is the ingredient that breaks the old collagen bonds within the dermis and promotes new collagen fibers.


  • Tightens the skin under the eyes
  • Gets rid of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Works as an undereye concealer


  • Contains alcohol

A safer, allergy-free option would be the Made from Earth Cucumber Cooling Gel.

Westmore Beauty Body Coverage Perfector

For most people, makeup on any other part except the face or the neck is not very palatable. However, there could be various reasons for someone opting for such an idea. People with Lyme disease or Vitiligo often use makeup on their bodies to cover up the discoloration in certain areas. Although, that shouldn’t be a compulsion, and everyone should be given a choice to show it or hide it. The Westmore Beauty Body Coverage Perfector reviews hint at the protective and hydrating effects of the formula. This leaves the skin feeling even and supple. The undertones that appear due to the nerve layout are also faded through the application.

The tri-effect technology used in formulating the base has multiple benefits. It gives the customer a buildable transfer-resistant coverage that stays on for 24 hours. That means you can go about your day without the hassle of re-application or touch-up! This technology is so robust that it is helpful in covering varicose veins, tattoos, bruises, surgical scars, and even hyperpigmented age spots. The hyaluronic acid complex brightens the skin by increasing the new cell turnover through gentle exfoliation. Moreover, the Vitamin E content helps keep the body’s natural pH regulated and increases the product’s shelf life.

Pros of buying the Westmore Beauty Body Coverage Perfector

  • Gives your body skin a glowy overlay
  • Helps cover up scars, tattoos, and visible veins
  • Moisturizes the whole body
  • Helps with an overall body exfoliation
  • Lasts up to 24 hours
  • Available in 7 different shades starting from Fair radiance to Deep radiance

Body Perfecter by Westmore Beauty

Cons of purchasing this product

  • Does not contain SPF for sun exposure
  • Must not be used by someone who has any skin disorder
  • Shades may get patchy if you mix them

Westmore Beauty Hair Coverage Root Concealer

As you age, the factors that could lead to the degradation of various bodily functions increase. Be it hormones, environmental stress, or poor diet and hygiene, the hair and the skin are first affected. As a result, many of you could experience baldness or hair thinning, which may splinter your confidence. The Westmore Beauty concealer reviews shed light on how this product can quickly eliminate grey hairs and bald spots.

Westmore Beauty Hair Coverage Root Concealer

You can use it to add general volume if your hair tends to get greasy easily as well. Moreover, the talc-free, water, and sweat-resistant activation are what caught most people’s eyes. However, the one advantage that tops the list, according to us, is that of inclusivity. A thorough analysis of use cases seems to have been done. Therefore, they have included 7 different shades to meet the needs of various hair colors and undertones. Mica, used in the formula, is an excellent absorbent that can stop sweat from ruining the concealing effect.

Perks of using the Westmore Beauty Hair Root Concealer

  • Comes in 7 different shades
  • Conceals bald spots, receding hairline, and flaky skin of the scalp
  • Increases volume of hair by 15%


  • Contains silicones in the form of Dimethicones

Looks21 Hair Loss Concealer would be an alternative option with lesser silicone concentration.

Westmore Beauty Flawless Foundation + Illuminator

A lot of us go through a cycle when it comes to our skin. We tend to develop blemishes, dark circles, and hyperpigmentation ever since the years of adolescence. A foundation is a great way to conceal these while not being too overbearing. Many Westmore Beauty Flawless Foundation Reviews state that this product has a dewy finish with full coverage that does not sink into pores.

Westmore Foundation

The Westmore Beauty Foundation + Illuminator has a brightening effect due to Iron Oxides, which contributes to the illumination. The shea butter actives hydrate your skin and allow the product to glide easily. Moreover, it also makes your pores appear similar without blocking them entirely. The base has compounds that can protect the skin against environmental stressors. However, there are downsides to this product. One of them is the high percentage of PEGs.

Why may this Foundation+Illuminator be the right choice for you?

  • Water and sweat-resistant
  • Diminishes the size of the pores
  • Reduces blemishes, age spots, and fine lines
  • Exists in 6 different shades


  • Contains Sulfates and PEGs

Westmore Beauty Bold & Beautiful Mascara

Mascaras are a great way to shape your eyes and eventually change the visuals of the face. Apart from adding sparkle to the whole look, most mascaras incorporate lash growth inducers, too, these days. According to the top Westmore Beauty mascara reviews, this product is one such provider. The formula not only darkens and thickens the lashes but also curls them. This is because of the ergonomic shape of the brush, which has more delicate bristles.

It is imperative to pick a mascara that doesn’t give you clumpy lashes. In fact, this is one of the benefits of the Westmore Beauty mascara. Moreover, it is smudge-free for 10+hours. The grooves of the brush are excellent volume carriers. No irritating fibers have been used in its production. However, it has been suggested by a few that the wand may require frequent cleaning as the fine bristles tend to store the dust gathered in the lashes.

Westmore Beauty Mascara

Why is Westmore Beauty Mascara worth the money?

  • Volumizes the lashes
  • Darkens the eyelashes with potent pigments
  • Curls them whilst building the strength of the follicles

Two Times The Prime Dual Phase Primer

Before building anything, it is essential to prime the surface to take on the effects of the process. Similarly, the face needs to be primed too before the application of makeup. This helps to make the makeup settle better and glide smoothly. It can smoothen and mattify the skin at the same time. After waiting for a few minutes, it makes sure that the makeup stays in place for long hours. Moreover, it minimizes the look of pores and fine lines too. A bunch of Westmore Beauty primer reviews confirms that it also works to resolve uneven skin textures.

The product has non-comedogenic ingredients that moisturize and alleviate the collagen in the face to give you a softened look. This extra layer between the skin and the makeup serves as a barrier against potentially dangerous actives. In addition, you can also use it on the eyelids to ensure that the eyeshadow stays on without getting smudged too often. This product works in two phases. In phase one, it works towards hydration through hyaluronic acid and squalene compounds. In phase two, it blurs the fine lines and wrinkles through and filling the open pores.

Why is this product worth it?

  • Leaves your skin prepared and nourished for makeup
  • Significantly reduces the size of the large pores
  • Provides overall hydration along with tightening abilities

Primer by Westmore Beauty

Peeves of this product?

  • Contains a small amount of Titanium Oxide, which can be toxic to a few people.

Westmore Beauty Reviews | Before and After – Side Effects

Soo Yu-Jin of Maryland says, “I have been working in Hollywood for thirty-three years now. I came to town when there were makeup brands that we could count on our fingers. Look at where we are now. Thousands of companies have come up to save our days. However, my one and only choice will always be Westmore Beauty. The products really made me get the look that I had pictured in my mind. Once I looked at myself in the mirror, I was unstoppable! I recommend this brand to anyone who wants nothing but quality makeup!

westmore beauty b&a

Sylvia Jane notes, “I came across this brand called Westmore Beauty on a beauty page of Instagram. Never did I ever think I was going to fall in love with their products! Their body perfector is my absolute favorite. Although I’ve completely embraced my Vitiligo, somedays I want to cover up a few spots to match the vibe. This product comes in handy every single time! Pair it up with their mascara, and you’re ready to go paint the town red!

Westmore beauty before and after

There haven’t been any significant reports about the side effects of using any of the Westmore Beauty products. However, a few customers do say that the delivery is a huge problem. The delivery system is one area where the company needs to improve.

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FAQs | Westmore Beauty Reviews 

How Long Does Westmore Body Coverage Last?

Westmore Beauty Body Coverage is one of the best products from the company available in the market. It can cover up any scar, tattoos, or vein coloration for up to 24 hours.

Can You Use Westmore Beauty On Your Face?

Westmore Beauty offers products in various ranges. The specific ones are for the eyes, face, and body. Most of their products have garnered positive reviews.

How Do I Get Rid Of Westmore Body Perfector?

The Westmore Beauty Body Coverage Perfector has an excellent concentration of pigments. The ingredients used make it last longer than other competitors. One way of getting rid of it at the end of the day is to use an oil-based cleanser for the body.

Does Westmore Beauty Cover Varicose Veins?

Yes, the Westmore Beauty Body Coverage Perfector has been proven to efficiently conceal scars, tattoos, surgical stitches, and Varicose veins.

Cessation | Westmore Beauty Reviews

Collating the best Westmore Beauty reviews, we can say that the brand has mostly been on the good side of production. Despite not fully converting to organic approaches, it has made a place in the A-list makeup rooms. The weightage of pros is greater than cons for some selected products. Getting a bit of clinical advice from a dermatologist is something that we recommend.

In the end, we may conclude that majority of Westmore Beauty users have obtained good results. Profound research helps you make the right decision, and we hope to help you in the same. If you have any queries or suggestions, do not hesitate to write to us in the comment section. We’d be delighted to hear more from you.

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