Nulastin VS Lash Boost | Which Is More Effective?

If you’re stuck between two top-level eyelash growth serums- Nulastin and R+F Lash Boost, this article will help you pick one. Both of them are quality brands and have shown effective results. This often makes it confusing for the buyer when it comes to picking one. Therefore, we decided to investigate both the products thoroughly. Accordingly, we came up with some genuine contrast between Nulastin vs Lash Boost.

Nulastin vs Lash Boost

Since I’ve personally used both the serums, this report contains only unbiased and authentic facts. All your queries will be cleared. Let’s not waste any more time and start with Nulastin vs Lash Boost reviews.

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Nulastin VS Lash Boost | Which Is More Effective?

Nulastin Lash and Brow Dual System use safe and select ingredients exclusively known for promoting healthier lash and brows. It has been tried and tested by several people who have experienced fantastic improvement. Nulastin claims to enhance the thickness and also ensures smooth and soft texture with the help of Keracyte Elastin Complex.

On the other hand, Rodan + Field Lash Boost is a conditioning serum that keeps the hair moisturized and hydrated at all times. It gives them plumper and fuller appearance by increasing the density. Moreover, it is specifically targeted towards the treatment of thin and inadequate brows and lashes.

Ingredients: Nulastin VS Lash Boost

Before comparing any two products, it is essential to know about their components. Following is a brief analysis of the ingredients in both Nulastin and Lash Boost.

Nulastin Lash and Brow contains:

Keracyte Elastin Complex: Keracyte is used in the highest concentration in Nulastin Lash and brows. It is the most active ingredient and is used as a source of Elastin which is lost in the hair over time due to age and other factors. Keracyte replenishes and rejuvenates the cells and enhances the beauty of the hair by making them thicker and conditioned.

Phosphate Buffered Saline: Phosphate Buffered Saline is a water-based salt solution commonly used to maintain pH levels.

SymPeptide (Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17): SymPeptide is primarily used to increase the length and volume of the hair. It is colorless and odorless and is frequently used in a lot of cosmetics. 

Carbomer: Made up of Acrylic acid, Carbomer helps remove excess dirt, oil, and sweat over the hair. It also softens the appearance of the hair, giving them a shinier and lustrous look. 


Elastatropin (Tropoelastin): Elastin or Elastatropin is another active ingredient used in Nulastin Eyelash growth serum. It is also vital for the recovery of the lost Elastin. It also helps in increasing the vitality of the hair follicles. Elastin is used to instigate regrowth of hair that has completely stopped growing by identifying the root cause of hair loss.

Lash Boost Ingredients:

Butylene Glycol: Butylene Glycol is an excellent conditioning and nourishing serum for the hair. It is present in most good hair care products, especially shampoos and lotions. It is a form of alcohol and also a fantastic moisturizer.

Keratin: Keratin is one of the best ingredients for hair. It makes the appearance of the hair fuller and shinier. It is a widely used protein that aims to lengthen the hair and maintain its quality by giving structure to it.

Biotin: Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a very effective supplement for stimulating hair growth and making them thicker. Moreover, it is also used to instigate the production of keratin in the lash and brow hair.

Sodium Hyaluronate: The primary function of Sodium Hyaluronate is to keep the hair moisturized and prevent them from breaking. It ensures hydration and works even for lashes and brows that are very thin or unhealthy.

Pumpkin Seed Extract: Pumpkin Seed Extract contains essential vitamins and fatty acids, which help stimulate collagen production. It is also beneficial for the regrowth of lashes and brows and makes them denser and voluminous.

Pumpkin Seed Extract

Glycerin: Glycerin is one of the safest and most natural hair softeners. It rejuvenates the damaged cells and makes the hair grow faster. It is also a superb home remedy for treating damaged lashes and eyebrows.

Nulastin | Perks and Cons


  • Nulastin offers a 100% performance guarantee and a complete money-back guarantee for users who do not feel satisfied with it.
  • It is clinically proven.
  • Nulastin uses the safest ingredients, which are suitable for everyone.
  • It hydrates and moisturizes the lash and the brows and imparts a softer and better appearance.
  • It is harmless for all despite age and gender.


  • Nulastin takes slightly longer than similar products to show results. You can expect visible changes in not less than 3-4 weeks at least.

NULASTIN LASH Follicle Fortifying Serum with Elastaplex, Eyelash Boosting Treatment for Longer Looking Lashes, Vegan-Friendly & Cruelty-Free (2-pack, 3 ml Each)
  • LASH-ENHANCING SERUM. A game-changing serum that helps reduce lash shedding while supporting the body's ability to anchor the lash follicle to the root system, rejuvenating elastin while delivering stronger, shinier, thicker and longer looking eyelashes.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN. Our results have been clinically proven throughout numerous scientific trials. In a 12-week clinical evaluation, participants experienced a 60% increase in the appearance of lash length.
  • NATURALLY DERIVED. Suitable for all skin types, this novel formula features advances in biotechnology, biodiversity and eco-designed resources. 5-active, synergistic ingredients help target all phases of the lash growth cycle.

Lash Boost | Perks and Cons


  • Lash Boost is exclusively aimed at people who have sparse lash and brows.
  • It improves the durability of the lash to a great extent.

Lash Boost Before and After

  • Minimizes breakage and enhances hair health.
  • Lash Boost has superb customer reviews, and it makes the lash and brows appear fuller and darker. 


  • It uses almond extract, which makes it unsafe for people who are allergic to nuts.
  • Lash Boost should be kept out of reach of children

Pricing: Nulastin VS Lash Boost

When two products from an excellent brand give equally promising results, customers often prefer whatever is more budget-friendly for them. However, if we compare the prices of both the products, we can see that Nulastin Serum is highly expensive while Lash Boost is quite economical. For this reason, users tend to favor it over Nulastin.

Nonetheless, when it comes to appearance, no one thinks before spending an extra penny. Therefore it is highly recommended to pick whatever seems more suitable to you.

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Cessation | Nulastin VS Lash Boost

We hope that you can figure out the basic contrast between Nulastin vs Lash Boost by the end of this article. We can assure you that this is an honest report and consists of only straight facts, making it easier for you to decide what’s appropriate. 

However, if you still have any more doubts, please comment below.


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