Blue Emu VS Biofreeze | Determining The Better Pain Reliever!

Pain or ache in the joints and muscles can occur during daily activities, exercising, athletic events, and many more. Instead of giving the discomfort its own sweet time to heal, taking a step to bring relief to it is a wise decision. Different brands offer products that bring instant pain relief. Through this report, we will focus on the differences between two such brands, Blue Emu VS Biofreeze, to help you understand where both of them stand concerning pain relief remedies.

Blue Emu VS Biofreeze

Our body plays an essential role in helping us stay productive and execute things regularly. When damage is caused to the body because of an external force, we should use a remedy as quickly as possible. Therefore, taking care of ourselves in every way possible gives way to the bigger whole of working towards a healthy life, in case of any misfortunes having a remedy in handy for temporary relief before consulting a doctor.

Pain relievers play a spectacular role in this condition. Thus to figure out the best one among Blue Emu and Biofreeze, find out what both offer and get closer to your final decision between them depending on what meets your needs, keep reading. 

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Blue Emu VS Biofreeze | Which Pain Relief Is A Better Choice?

Going back to the roots of both the brands to understand their inception and growth can aid in getting a better picture of the story behind their establishment. Founder Susan Gregory established Blue Emu in 1988. She is currently also the CEO of the company. The products under Blue Emu are manufactured and distributed by Nutrition & Fitness Inc. For over three decades now, the brand has achieved great heights in formulating products that help to reduce pain in the joints and muscles. 

Blue Emu

Biofreeze, on the other spectrum, was founded in 1991 by a medical professional. Believed to be the number one clinically recommended brand for pain relief, this company believes in providing safe and effective products to use on the skin rather than taking the risk of popping a pill for the pain. This remedy not only decreases pain but gives way to a cold sensation that feels good. 

All in all, Blue Emu, formulated primarily with emu oil, helps treat different conditions such as burns, rashes, and muscle and joint pain. On the other hand, Biofreeze helps reduce both pain and swelling with a powerful formula of methanol that helps make a difference. With both these renowned companies offering to bring relief, which one would be a better pick? Let us find out!


Looking at the ingredients used for products is a vital step before finalizing a pick. Therefore, we have summarised what Blue Emu and Biofreeze offer in terms of their formulation and if they do bring forward long-lasting benefits or not. It is essential to choose products based on the ingredients used depending on whether it suits your skin, especially sensitive skin.

Blue Emu: Two elements are primarily found in all Blue Emu products. They include emu oil and aloe vera extract. Emu oil is rich in fatty acids and works wonderfully to reduce muscular pain, inflammation, and joint pain, to name a few. To relieve joint pain, aloe vera is a crucial ingredient that lessens any discomfort experienced. Blue Emu has different elements, ranging from seed oil, flower extracts and many more. They have been specifically chosen to work towards the cause of bringing forward ease to the pain. 

Biofreeze: Biofreeze products are made with USP-grade ingredients and are paraben-free. The active ingredient in all the products is 4% methanol that plays a unique role in maximizing the product’s effectiveness by giving a cooling sensation to the pain. The inactive ingredients differ from product to product. Biofreeze products are available in the color green along with colorless options. There is no such difference between the two. The colors used are on the list of “Color Additives” of the FDA. 


Product Range

When debating over Blue Emu VS Biofreeze, it is of utmost importance to go through the brands’ different products. Doing so will help you know the additional features of the various products and the purpose for which you can turn to these brands.

Blue Emu: The product line by Blue Emu has a variety of products that majorly help with muscle and joint pain. With its mission to design products that help to soothe pain and bring relief, the brand has different products that deliver benefits that, in the long run, reduce any discomfort experienced.

The products include Blue Emu Maximum Arthritis Pain Relief Cream, Original Blue Emu cream, Blue Emu Foot Therapy, and many more. The company’s official website states that they will soon be launching Blue Emu Pain Relief Micro-Foam that nourishes the skin well, giving relief in pain. 

Popular Blue Emu Products

Even though the brand is not FDA-approved, the products are safe to use. Despite this, it is impossible to rule out the possibility of side effects. Allergic reactions, skin irritation, and swelling are some of the results that can develop if the products do not suit you. If this happens, it is better to discontinue using the products. Another critical factor is that the products might not be helpful for severe pain.

Biofreeze: Biofreeze mainly has six products. These include Biofreeze spray, gel, roll-on, cream, patch, and on-the-go singles. This topical analgesic can be applied directly on the skin to give the joints and muscles temporary relief, providing a cooling sensation. All the products are a form of cryotherapy, i.e., cold therapy, the exact use for ice. However, Biofreeze is considered superior and avoids side effects such as skin irritation, numbness, and stiffness. 

Popular Biofreeze Products

Biofreeze products are used by many individuals who experience arthritis, wrist, back, and knee pain, soreness, bruises, sprains, aching joints, and many more. The company recommends the products for acute neck and back pain. Applying these products early into the injury can help a long way.

However, there are a few side effects that these products can give way to, like severe burning, irritation, pain, swelling, and redness after using this remedy. If it gets too intense, we recommend immediately seeking medical help.

Customer Reactions | Blue Emu VS Biofreeze

Blue Emu: Customers who have used products by Blue Emu have shared mixed reviews regarding the brand. Firstly coming to the positive side, users have been satisfied with the overall results as Blue Emu products have helped relieve the pain experienced in their bodies. On Amazon, Blue Emu products have received an average of 4.4 stars out of 5 as customers believe the elements used have excellent healing properties that ease any pain experienced.  

Blue Emu

On the other hand, users who are against using products that are not cruelty-free are entirely against it. Emu oil is extracted from the fat of an emu, and hence they are killed. We are becoming more aware of why going for cruelty-free products is a better option in today’s world. Therefore, this and other factors such as high prices have made customers turn to other brands.

Biofreeze: Biofreeze products are pretty popular among users for pain relief. The easy-to-use products are loved by many. This prescription-free brand is also used by many athletes who often experience pain in their muscles and joints. The added benefit of a cooling sensation because methanol draws users to this brand—many praises how the overall benefits of Biofreeze help to improve the quality of life. Users are grateful to the company for that.


Despite the praise, certain pitfalls have left many disappointed. Firstly, many find the products to be not very cost-effective and unreasonable to go for this brand. Secondly, there is a possibility that different users have different experiences with the products; therefore, if one can experience instant relief for some reason, another person might not. Thirdly, since the product does not cure the underlying problem that causes the pain, many consider it inconvenient. 

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Cessation | Blue Emu VS Biofreeze

Coming to the end of the Blue Emu VS Biofreeze debate, we hope that the difference between the two is somewhat clear now. Blue Emu is an anti-inflammatory remedy that works well to loosen stiffness in joints and muscles. It is formulated with elements like Aloe Vera, Blue Emu, MSM, and glucosamine. Since it contains emu oil, it is not a cruelty-free brand. On the other hand, Biofreeze primarily contains methanol, the active ingredient that helps to soothe the pain with a cooling effect. This brand has products that have not been tested on animals and approved by the FDA and have been clinically tested to bring forward effective results. Both being similar to each other, are different in their ways. 

We want to rest this case by giving Biofreeze a higher preference than Blue Emu. Even though Blue Emu is suitable for relieving stiffness, Biofreeze is more helpful in targeting the pain in place. The right fit for you will depend on several factors, and you indeed give both a try to see which one works better for you. The final decision rests with you, and we hope you make a wise choice. If you want to ask us anything further, drop a message in the comment section. Our team will get back to you at the earliest.

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